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Daisy Estate Managers Whether you prefer a Statutory Lease Extension of an additional 90 years and a peppercorn ground rent or an informal lease extension with terms to suit, we provide comprehensive expert advice to help you decide. Looking to acquire the freehold of your block of flats or have you received a Section 5 Notice served by your Freeholder? Contact us today and we'll be pleased to advise.

Need an Inheritance tax (probate) or Capital Gains Tax Valuation? Our specialist taxation valuations meet the latest RICS Valuation Standards, whilst our valuers are highly experienced at negotiating favourable settlements with the District Valuers Office on your behalf. Expert advice on all areas of leasehold enfranchisement across the South West, London and occasionally beyond.

We advise you through every step of a complex process from providing a comprehensive and clear valuation report, negotiating the premium on your behalf, and liaising with your solicitor through to completion. If necessary, although very rare, we represent you as an expert witness at a First Tier Tribunal hearing where the premium will be determined by a specialist panel.

read more › The Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 ('the Act') provides a lessee, who has owned a flat for in excess of two years and who holds a lease which was originally granted for a term of over 21 years, a statutory right to extend the length of that lease by an additional 90 years to and to reduce the annual ground rent to a peppercorn (nil value). The 90 year extension is added to the remaining unexpired term as at the date the s.42 statutory notice is served on the landlord or the date of an informal agreement.

read more › The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 ('the Act') provides qualifying lessees with the legal right to purchase the freehold of the building within which their flats are located; otherwise known as 'the right to collective enfranchisement'. Our clients express various reasons for acquiring the freehold, including that flats with a share of the freehold are typically of more interest to buyers than those without; to self-manage or appoint their preferred firm to manage the block; to grant 999 year leases; to take control of the finances, budgeting and long term maintenance of the block; or simply because the freeholder is missing.

read more › Unfortunately, far too many houses have been sold on a leasehold basis without buyers truly understanding the implications. Many of these not suffer from onerous ground rents and restrictive covenants making them near on impossible to sell at true market value. Relief however can be found within the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 ('the Act') which provides qualifying lessees of houses with the right to acquire on fair terms the freehold of their house and premises. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss acquiring the freehold of your leasehold house.

read more › Where the landlord cannot be found or his identity ascertained, a lease extension claim or a freehold acquisition claim can still go ahead. Once you, or your solicitor have made every endeavour to track down a missing landlord and, assuming sufficient proof of this is provided to the County Court, a vesting order can be granted, with the First Tier Tribunal subsequently determining the premium to be paid into Court. We, as expert witness, have represented numerous lessees in such proceedings with successful outcomes on each occasion.

read more › We provide formal property and estate valuation advice, compliant with RICS Valuation Standards, for Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax purposes. Having trained and worked at the District Valuers for over eight years, Johanne Coupe is experienced and well placed to negotiate settlements with the District Valuer's office when necessary. Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the UK is a tax levied on property and money acquired by gift or inheritance. Tax becomes payable when the deceased estate (their property, money and possessions) are valued higher than the IHT threshold, currently 325,000.

read more › It's not often our feet leave dry land so we were excited to receive instructions to cross the Solent and value a stunning apartment with sea views within Osborne Court, a prestigious art-deco building standing proudly on The Parade. With an unexpired lease term of just 54 years our valuation assisted the owner in extending his lease which ultimately led to marketing the property at its maximum value. The vast majority of major mortgage providers now restrict lending on flats with doubling or onerous ground rents.

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