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Grumitt Wade Chartered Surveyors We've been with Grumitt Wade Mason for 10 years. They've always provided value for money and excellent professional service in managing major works. Founded in 2004 and with offices in the city of Brighton and Hove, Steyning and Horsham, Grumitt Wade Mason Chartered Surveyors & Architectural Consultants provide a wide range of surveying and consultancy services across East and West Sussex from residential surveys to designing and project managing commercial refurbishment projects.

read more › We're a close knit team. We set up the business in 2004 as a small group of Chartered Surveyors who had already been working together for some time and brought several satisfied clients with us. Since then, our team has grown rapidly, we cover many more areas - including architectural services and adaptations for disability. Whatever we do and whoever we are working with, we always offer a high standard of professional advice. We love the variety of our work: one day we might be out on site as an elegant but dilapidated Regency building starts on the path to restoration, the next we're in the office with a client, working hard to find a happy compromise between the client's vision and the local planning department's regulations.

read more › From loft conversions to Listed Building restoration, we can design your extension and manage your refurbishments. If you are thinking about extending your property, refurbishing and modernising it, converting your loft or even building a new property, Grumitt Wade Mason can provide full architectural design services including Construction Design & Management (CDM). We like to sit down with our clients to work out what you need from the design - aesthetically and practically - and then develop a brief together, whether it's for a contemporary new home or sympathetic alterations to a period property.

read more › We provide a full building design service, from Measured Surveys and detailed discussion of your needs, to design drawings that include plans, sections and elevations. We can advise when you need Building Control approval under the Building Regulations and can prepare detail drawings and specifications to obtain approval. We understand the requirements for detail drawings for Building Control and can advise you on regulations that may affect these drawings.

read more › You may be able to go ahead with your loft conversion without submitting a planning application if it comes within 'permitted development' (see 'What is permitted development?'). If permitted development doesn't allow the proposed extension into the roof, you will need to go through planning - this process can take up to ten weeks. You will always need Building Control (Regulations) consent. The Regulations have been developed by the government and set a standard for every aspect of property, from design to construction.

read more › Our experience and expertise in the renovation of Listed Buildings means we insist on an appropriate combination of traditional and modern materials and techniques for every project. We offer a full design service, which includes a Measured Survey, talking through your requirements and what is feasible, preparing existing and draft proposed schemes to submit for Planning Permission and to obtain Building Control approval under the Building Regulations.

read more › Starting a refurbishment project can be exciting but unless you have the requisite skill and training there are many pitfalls. It is heartbreaking when we are called in to inspect recently refurbished properties only to find that underlying defects have not been addressed and much of the work has to be undone. Fans of Grand Designs or Sarah Beeny will be aware of how difficult it is to put together a budget and manage a program of works. We offer insight into a wide range of technical problems that relate to the refurbishment and improvement of buildings.

read more › A Measured Survey is the measurement of an existing building or structure and the production of scale drawings such as plans, sections and elevations. The level of accuracy and detail in a Measured Survey depends on the purpose for which the drawings are needed. All parties should agree their scale and detail beforehand. Depending on the purpose, we can include constructional detail, such as wall and partition construction, floor construction joist span, and so on. We will discuss your requirements and can advise on the appropriate level of detail and accuracy.

read more › Project managers are generally appointed at the beginning of a construction project. They help the client develop the project brief and then select, appoint and coordinate the project team. They usually represent the client throughout the development process, managing input from the client, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders. The role is wider in scope than that of an architect, designer or contract administrator. The project manager is not always the designer or contract administrator.

read more › Chartered Surveyors specialise in different areas; these include building surveying, quantity surveying and land surveying. Chartered Building Surveyors offer a wide range of professional services in relation to residential and commercial property. With specific training in construction, a building surveyor can oversee projects of repair, refurbishment, modernisation and extension and prepare design drawings - there can be some crossover with architectural work. Find out more about our Architectural Services.

read more › For most people, buying a property is the single largest financial commitment they will ever make. A survey may seem costly but is dwarfed by the potential cost of repairs if you don't have one. You can often renegotiate the purchase price if the survey uncovers costly defects. A survey also looks at safety issues such as fire risks. For instance, it is surprising how many properties have hazards such as windows that would trap occupants in the event of a fire. While a survey looks in detail at the condition of a property and any potential issues, a valuation is simply a professional opinion on the market value of the property.

read more › The HomeBuyer Report includes a survey and if you wish can include a valuation. It is intended for houses, flats or bungalows, of conventional construction and in reasonable condition. The HomeBuyer comes in a brief reporting style with condition ratings given to the main elements of the building. Ask your surveyor for a detailed 'Description of the RICS HomeBuyer (Survey) Service' leaflet.

read more › A Market Valuation is when the surveyor gives a professional opinion of the value of the property. At Grumitt Wade Mason, we carry out Market Valuations of residential properties to help you decide whether to buy a property or to secure a loan against your property. As we have chartered building surveyors who are also RICS Registered Valuers, we can offer this combination in a single inspection at competitive rates. If you are taking out a new policy or renewing your buildings insurance, you may need a valuation of rebuilding costs for insurance purposes.

read more › Choose the Building Survey (formerly called a structural survey) if you're dealing with a large, older or run-down property, a building that is unusual or altered, or if you're planning major works. It is qualitatively superior to the HomeBuyer and provides more detailed information and advice. A Building Survey is the most detailed level of survey and is suitable for all residential properties. It costs more than the other RICS reports because it gives detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property.

read more › We tailor our Commercial Property Surveys to your requirements and to reflect your circumstances. You can choose from a comprehensive Commercial Building Survey, which is a detailed inspection and report, and a more basic Commercial Principal Survey. Both reports include a summary, and categorise repairs and defects according to their urgency. There will be a section in each for your legal advisers to cover legal matters relevant to the property. The main objectives are to give a basic, overall assessment of its condition, focusing on the principal elements of the property.

read more › If you are buying a home, as the first step, we recommend one of our residential surveys, such as a HomeBuyer Report or RICS Building Survey to give a comprehensive overview of the property. Nonetheless, clients often ask us to tailor a survey to their individual needs, usually when a standard survey or valuation has uncovered an issue which needs further investigation or after a client has been in their property for some time. This is when a Building Defects Report may be necessary. A Building Defects Report is tailored to meet your requirements.

read more › Grumitt Wade Mason has built up an expertise in maintenance and we are able to advise clients on the most appropriate methods and materials to be used. A poorly maintained property not only causes problems for the occupiers, but it will also deter any future buyers. Usually it is prudent to install a cyclical maintenance programme, which will allow works to be budgeted. It is also important to carry out maintenance in a proper manner, using appropriate materials and techniques, suitable to the age of the building.

read more › A specification or Schedule of Works sets out in detail the building works you want to carry out. The document will include instructions to the building contractor on materials, locations and quantities. A specification will cross reference the work shown on any detail drawings you have had prepared. Building contractors price against this document which then forms part of the building contract.

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