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You've seen it yourself. Problems that can be avoided with knowledge and foresight. With a vast understanding of the property market, we have intricate commercial insight and an ability to see the bigger picture. We think of 'out-of-the-box' solutions, saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind. Our efficient team ensures your project is handled straight away.

We understand that there's no time for mistakes. Our clients love how we deal with their properties in a comprehensive and thorough manner. Your project becomes our personal endeavour and we make sure to get it right every time. You won't be left in the lurch, wondering what's going on with your property. We communicate clearly throughout the process, sending you updates every step of the way.

We are always available to talk matters through. You always know where your project is holding thereby eliminating all stress and frustration.

read more › JMC was founded in 2010 to take the frustration out of owning, managing and renting commercial property. We offer specialist advice and recommendations along with professional reports. Creative and often simple solutions to complex issues. With our expert advice and extensive experience across all disciplines, you'll be well informed to make day-to-day and long term strategic decisions about your property. You'll be increasing the value of your property and ensuring you get the return you deserve.

read more › Jacob is a Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer with 18 years of experience in the property market. His speciality is high level negotiations, with some notable dilapidations settlements and lease restructuring deals completed over the past few years. Jacob built JMC on a 'thinking-out-the-box' attitude, always on the lookout for new opportunities and developments. Jacob gets to know each of his clients; putting their specific requirements first. Most importantly, he makes sure to always fully understand and appreciate the client's objective and will do whatever it takes to fulfil their requirements.

read more › Get sound advice and quality service with JMC's building consultancy services. Our awareness around all aspects of surveying, ensures we look out for issues beyond the immediate instruction that we have been tasked. You will receive thorough and robust guidance based on our team's specialist knowledge. We save our clients significant amounts of time and money. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and individually tailored recommendations.

read more › The Landlord and Tenant relationship can be complex. Ensure your rental income gets paid on time by choosing the right people to handle the process for you. Our commercial savviness and broad experience, guarantee you receive exceptional results every time. We fight for your corner and we negotiate successfully. We keep matters diplomatic as we negotiate increases for landlords and keep the rents down when acting for occupiers.

read more › You've learnt the hard way that managing your property efficiently, reduces costs, increases income and maximises its overall long-term value. It takes experience, expertise, dedication and a lot of common sense to have your property managed effectively. We not only do the repairs for you but we're constantly on the lookout for small issues; preventing them from becoming more significant ones later on. We are committed to keeping your service charges down by using creative and proactive solutions.

read more › We have recently invested over 20 million for our clients. We source the right investment for you, tailored to your requirements. Our experience provides us with the knowledge and expertise to identify and investigate suitable investment property across the UK. These investments will provide you with income security, as well as scope for capital value increases over time. We work alongside our clients to identify development opportunities and take you through the whole process from start to finish - acquisition to design to project management and beyond.

read more › As members of the RICS Registered Valuers Scheme we are pleased to offer you expert and accurate valuations on your property. We have extensive experience in negotiation with statutory bodies on your behalf be they HMRC or the VOA. Where necessary we will provide a RICS compliant Red Book valuation. We follow all relevant RICS guidelines when providing a valuation of your property. We offer surveys for a range of property types including retail, office and industrial units, as well as residential properties.

read more › Your property has the potential to become a high income-producing asset. JMC, a company that identifies added value, expands and builds your property to hugely increase its value. We think creatively and find you the best option to help you make a significant return on your investment. Your project is important to us. We manage all aspects from the identifying opportunity within the asset, providing initial development appraisals through to the completed project. We engage with the designers, planners and contractors; taking the load off you.

read more › As a vibrant and progressive company and one that prides itself on its knowledge and expertise, we are always looking to work with the best people in the business. A fun, professional environment creates a great team and ultimately leading to a great service to our clients and candidates. If you are driven, enthusiastic, and looking for a rewarding environment, then come and be a part of our team.

read more › The leases on both units had 2 years left to run, combined capital value was below the outstanding bank loan and the properties were under threat of repossession. JMC was brought in at the 11th hour, we negotiated initially with the bank to allow the time to restructure the leases and we proceeded to negotiate new a 10 year term on both units which substantially increased capital value. This was subsequently sold to turn a potentially significant loss to a circa 1.2m surplus once the bank loan was repaid.

read more › Complete turnaround of a significantly under performing asset. Asset management increased triple net income by over 200k and asset management improved capital value by more than 1.5m in under 3 years. The property had been owned by the family for more than 40 years and had once boasted a Tesco as well as one of Liverpool's largest and most well-known indoor markets for over 30 years. There were a further 2 vacant units along the parade and tenants were in arrears, threatening to leave. The Service Charge was running at over 100,000 and included a night time security guard, and with the property more than 50% vacant this was eating into the net income for the client.

read more › One of our clients owned a vacant plot of land in Rochdale adjacent to his other industrial units that was a constant headache in that it was frequently visited by members of the travelling community. We found an occupier for the site and oversaw the design and construction of a new tyre centre for Halfords who then proceeded to take out a new 15 year lease on completion.

read more › JMC were contacted by a concerned landlord regarding structural movement at one of their properties located in the seaside town of Southport. JMC undertook a site visit and reported back to the client with their initial findings. The subject property was a mixed-use building, and a high level prominent Dutch gable was structurally unstable and was leaning towards the property. Upon further investigation the property was estimated to have been built in the early 20th century and was constructed of early, cavity wall construction.

read more › To attract new tenants and elevate the value of the property, we were commissioned to design and manage the complete refurbishment to bring it up to modern standards. The works included the refurbishment of the common areas, toilets, corridors and entrance lobby as well convert one floor into serviced offices.

read more › This large office building in Croydon was in desperate need of refurbishment and modernisation. The M&E fit out was dated and expensive to operate, and there was no air conditioning, which literally caused the office block to become uninhabitable during the hottest summer days. We were commissioned by the landlord to manage & oversee the design and installation of a new heating, cooling and ventilation system fit for a 21st century office, as well as the refurbishment of a number of suites and common areas.

read more › JMC Surveyors & Property Consultants Limited is committed to adherence in full to the RICS rules on client money protection. JMC Surveyors & Property Consultants Limited is therefore registered as an RICS scheme member. To allow RICS Registered Firms to offer client money protection in accordance with the Rules. To compensate Clients of an RICS Registered Firm for the losses of its Clients resulting from of the RICS Registered Firm failing to account for Client Money to the person entitled to it in accordance with the Rules.

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