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Property Link Property Link is a firm of property surveyors and valuers based in Birmingham who are fully qualified and independent Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Building Engineers & Structural Engineers. Whatever your requirements are for both Residential and Commercial property surveys Property Link can help. Property Link is an established and reputable firm of property surveyors and engineers, based in Birmingham, in the heart of the West Midlands and centrally located to serve the UK nationwide.

Our widely experienced and highly knowledgeable team of specialists provide an abundance of services designed to make your property sale or acquisition process much simpler, quicker and far less stressful. Experts in providing surveys and reports, our primary expertise is in this area, therefore our staff ensure they remain up-to-date with industry knowledge.

Our reports and surveys include the important homebuyer survey and valuations to provide our customers with assistance in many aspects involved in the home buying/selling process.

read more › Welcome to Property Link, home to some of the most professional Structural Engineers in the West Midlands area. Based in the heart of Birmingham, the team at Property Link are all specialists and experienced in their field, dealing with both residential and commercial properties, providing invaluable assistance to anyone selling or buying property. Located in Birmingham, the Structural Engineers at Property Link help clients who are buying or selling properties located primarily within the West Midlands area.

read more › Homebuyers survey is suitable for potential home buyers who need a report on the condition of the property that they are considering for purchase. One of the most popular services provided by Property Link is the Homebuyers Survey, otherwise known as a Homebuyers Report. This is a survey, completed by Surveyors and Structural Engineers, dedicated to providing homebuyers with all the information they need regarding the condition of the property which they are considering buying. It is highly recommended that all buyers have a Homebuyers Report completed before making an offer on a property as it helps the buyer to make an informed decision as to whether to make an offer and if so, how much for.

read more › Building Survey Birmingham The Building Survey, or structural survey as it was previously called, involves an extensive investigation of the property and reports on all parts of the property that can be easily seen and is readily accessible. This report will highlight all the defects that the property has, give an apparent cause for the defects, note the urgency of repairing each defect along with an idea of maintenance and it will also indicate how much the repair is likely to cost. Though the building survey is the most expensive report a buyer might need, it is also the most comprehensive, providing an in-depth evaluation of the construction and current condition of the property.

read more › Property valuation Birmingham: A brief inspection of the property is undertaken to provide and estimated price of the property which it may achieve if sold or rented. An integral part of the property buying process is having a valuation completed on the property. Property Link has a team of expert Surveyors and Structural Engineers who are qualified and experienced in completing valuations on all types of properties. This provides buyers with an estimated property price and landlords an idea as to how much they can rent their property for.

read more › This is a survey of a specific part or parts of a property which may have a particular defect. The engineer will investigate aforementioned specific defect(s) from previous reports and even look at areas associated to this. However, the Surveyors and Structural Engineer will not analyse the entire property for other structural problems, if this is something you would like then you need to have Full Structural Engineers Survey completed. The Part Structural Survey (engineers report) is offered as a stand-alone report or as a follow-up to a homebuyers or valuation report.

read more › Property Link has surveyors who can provide party wall survey for Building Owners, Adjoining Owners and as 'Agreed Surveyors'. Sometimes one of the biggest hurdles faced by property owners looking to enhance their building is the opposition they face from neighbours, particularly in the instance of shared property boundary/party wall. In this situation, it is often necessary for the property owner to employ a Party Wall Surveyor who is a specialist in resolving disputes which arise under the Party Wall, Etc.

read more › Property owners are instinctively protective over their assets and with very good reason, which can, unfortunately, lead to some disputes. At Property Link our expert team and Surveyors are experienced in providing full assistance in expert witness reports for both boundary and building/construction disputes in and around the West Midlands area. Not only helping disputes to be resolved quickly but with as little hassle and as cost effectively as possible. Our qualified Surveyors and Structural Engineers can inspect the property, create an expert report on the issues that are being disputed, compile an expert witness report and provide full assistance throughout court or alternative dispute resolution.

read more › Suitable for commercial clients who need a report on the condition of the property that they are considering for purchase. As the home of professional Surveyors and structural engineers, our team at Property Link provide a range of services for commercial properties, including a commercial property surveys. Based in the Birmingham in the midlands, our professionals are some of the best commercial property surveyors in Birmingham, completing property surveys in and around this area, as well as nationwide.

read more › Simply put, a commercial building survey is an inspection and technical due diligence that is completed on your property by a fully qualified Surveyor. The aim of this is to assess the current condition of the property, to highlight any current defects or problems and provide advice on repairs that need to be made to the property and who is liable for this. Commercial Building Survey Birmingham The full building survey is an extensive investigation of the parts of the property that can be easily seen and are readily accessible to the surveyor.

read more › This is a survey of a specific part or parts of a property which may have a particular defect. For Birmingham commercial property valuations, Property Link provides a service that is second to none. With a strong and experienced team of professional Surveyors and structural engineers, Property Link provides an abundance of commercial property services, including the all-important, commercial valuations. Located in Birmingham, we have valuation commercial property experience spanning the entirety of the west midlands area and even nationwide.

read more › Based in Birmingham, in the centre of the UK, the highly knowledgeable and skilled team of Surveyors and structural engineers at Property Link provide commercial property services in Birmingham, the West Midlands and even nationwide. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our experts provide a range of commercial property services, including the valuable part structural surveys which may be required in the acquisition of a property. A commercial part structural survey is an additional report that is usually only requested when defects or problems with the commercial property arise during other investigations.

read more › Property Link have surveyors who can provide a party wall survey for Building Owners, Adjoining Owners and as 'Agreed Surveyors'. When it comes to enhancing your property, especially if that involves a shared property or a boundary wall, one of the biggest problems you might face is the opposition from neighbouring properties. Equally, if you own a commercial property and your boundary wall/shared property has been damaged or disrupted by a neighbour, you may be requiring some form of compensation or further changes to be made.

read more › A schedule of condition records the condition of a building or other property, normally for legal or contractual reasons. At Property Link we have an expert team of fully qualified and highly experienced Surveyors and structural engineers who provide a wealth of commercial property services. One of the services our professionals offer is a schedule of condition, something that you might need to have completed if you are in the process of leasing a commercial property. Based in Birmingham, our team are widely experienced in completing a schedule of condition property survey in and around the West Midlands area, as well as nationwide.

read more › Dilapidation claims arise as it's common for a lease to contain a covenant or clause to repair. Property Link are experts in providing Dilapidation Surveys for landlords in the Midlands, specifically in the Birmingham area and nationwide. As a hub for professional Surveyors and structural engineers, our team are not only widely experienced in completing Dilapidation Surveys, but they have advanced and up-to-date knowledge and complete their surveys in a timely and professional manner. Providing landlords with peace of mind that they are going to recover any losses from any dilapidation of their property, our specialists provide a well-rounded service that is designed to protect landlords from any damages a tenant might have caused while living in the property.

read more › The selling agent told me most purchasers don't have a survey and just have a mortgage company survey done?. The mortgage survey is only a valuation and not a building survey. There is a big difference as a valuation only checks to see what a property is worth and the inspection is very brief. Also, more importantly, the mortgage valuation is FOR the benefit of the Building Society and NOT YOU!' A private survey is for YOUR benefit and has recourse if there are any issues with the property, prior to purchasing it.

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