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PM Independent Surveyors I am an experienced independent surveyor specialising in diagnosing damp and timber defects. I provide detailed easy to understand survey reports for homeowners, tenants, estate agents, landlords and pre-purchase. Dampness comes in many forms and if left untreated can become a major problem in the home or workplace. As a trained expert I will give you a comprehensive analysis of the problem and advise you on the best options available.

Once a certain amount of moisture penetrates timber it will start to rot. Timber rot can cause the wood to dry, crack, weaken and often disintegrate causing serious structural damage. Non-destructive testing of timber which enables accurate detection of hidden timber defects. A thin needle like drill bit is driven into the timber, the resistance is measured, recorded and printed, an evidential graph is produced.

In situ humidity moisture testing for concrete floor slabs, meeting the British standards BS 5325 and BS 8203. As a waterproofing specialist I can advise on all aspects of; Structural Waterproofing, Cavity Drainage, Tanking, BS 8102 Waterproofing Regulations.

read more › Experienced independent surveyor specialising in diagnosing damp and timber defects. Providing a detailed easy to understand survey report, I provide for homeowners, tenants, estate agents, landlords and pre-purchase. I am fully experienced in the diagnosis and recommendations needed to ensure that the correct remedial treatments are carried out. Many Damp contractors offer free or reduced fee surveys but it must be remembered that they are also trying trying to sell you work and so they are not offering independent advice.

read more › Get in touch for my current prices for expert Dampness and Timber investigations and any further information that you may require. I am based in the South East and cover the areas of Greater London, Beds, Cambs, Northants, Bucks, Herts, Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex, Berks, Essex, Kent, Surrey. However, I will also consider other areas so please get in touch for a personalised quotation.

read more › I also investigate existing waterproofing, which may have failed, to locate the source of the failure and suggest remedial action to remedy the failure. On site visits are followed by a detailed report listing faults found and remedial corrective treatment. Normally one visit is made as part of the investigation, however depending on the size and complexity of the structure several visits may be required. The British Standard gives recommendations and provides guidance on methods dealing with and preventing entry of water from surrounding ground into a structure below ground level.

read more › Many mortgage lenders nowadays require that a pre-purchase damp and timber survey is carried out before they give a mortgage. When a mortgage lender requires this, they always state that the survey must be carried out by a Property Care Association (PCA) member. I am a member of the PCA. When buying a property the general building surveyor will often advise the buyer that a damp and timber specialist investigates the property to ascertain its condition after he has picked up high readings of moisture, or areas of concern within the property.

read more › I am fully experienced and hold the qualifications to be an expert witness, if called upon by a solicitor or the courts, in a dispute between two parties. I am an associate member of the Expert Witness Institute. I am able to produce an expert report complying with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). When expert evidence is called for in a court of's time to call in the expert witness. In so many trials, it is the carefully considered evidence of expert witnesses that can ensure a just outcome.

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