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MANOR HOUSE SURVEYORS are Experienced Chartered Building Engineers & Party Wall Surveyors with an expert knowledge of building structures and the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Established in 1990's by Nigel Lassetter. The Practice has grown steadily to its present position and has extensive professional experience providing an integrated services to local and national clients.

The Practice has a proven track record in Building Design & Development and Party Wall Services and are members of the prestigious Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors. We have a wide range of clients including Local Authorities such as Birmingham City Council, Sandwell Council and many others, Educational Establishments, various Community Organisations, Financial Institutions, Housing Associations, Developers and Private Clients.

We can offer expert advice in all areas concerning the Party Wall Act 1996, boundary disputes & structural matters for those requiring building surveys. We offer a bespoke service for each of our client as no two jobs are the same.

Structural work affecting an existing shared/party wall, including repairs, alterations, extending or reducing the wall, cutting in to the wall and underpinning. Excavating or constructing foundations within three metres of a neighbour's building where the new foundations will go deeper than the neighbour's. Excavating, or constructing foundations within

As the Adjoining Owner you are unlikely to directly benefit from your neighbour's party wall works; in fact, for a short period of time, you may experience some disruption to your daily life and it is possible that your home may suffer from damage as a result of the party wall works. Consequently when you receive notice under the Party Wall Act from

Often, the first time that an Adjoining Owner becomes aware of the Party Wall Act is when a notice drops through their door. There are 3 types of notice that a Building Owner may serve upon an Adjoining Owner to make them aware that he intends to carry out work which falls under the scope of the Act. Party Structure notices are covered under section

The document that is produced by the two party wall surveyor(or the single "agreed surveyor") is referred to as a Party Wall Award (or Party Wall Agreement) but even if you are entitled to one do you really need one? Provides assurances that their land or buildings will not be compromised during the course of the work. Although the adjoining owner receives

The Party Wall Surveyors (or the "Agreed Surveyor" if the two owners can concur in a single appointment) will prepare a document known as a "Party Wall Award" (sometimes called a "Party Wall Agreement").This document sets out certain guidelines in relation to how the work should proceed and covers items such as working hours, contractor's insurance

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