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Sillence Hurn Building Consultancy Our expert team deliver progressive building consultancy and chartered surveying services for our clients in London and across the South of England. Our skilled team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in advising developers, landlords, private investors, lenders and homeowners on the entire property life cycle. From acquisition to completion, through design and development, our range of services ensure that you get the best value from your property portfolio.

Sillence Hurn provide a turnkey building surveying and consultancy solution for commercial, retail, industrial and residential building projects. Our services include building surveys, project monitoring and project and cost management. Our range of building consultancy, surveying and project management services as well as party wall and dilapidations advice is offered to clients across residential, commercial, industrial, education and heritage sectors.

Party wall, dilapidations, reinstatement cost assessment and schedule of conditions consultancy for property managers.

read more › Our vision and values are a statement of our mission and principles and provide our clients, staff, prospects and suppliers with a clear idea of who we are. We believe in building great relationships with our clients, treating all people with respect and delivering our services to a high standard - no different than I would want to be treated myself. By personally working with our clients we understand their needs which enables us to use our expertise to assist, guide and advise them, whether they be a landlord, tenant, purchaser, developer or homeowner; we always seek the right, individual outcome for them, intuitively.

read more › Meet our team of professional and highly skilled building surveyors, property consultants and project managers. Each member of our team provides a role that is imperative to the success of our firm. Understanding the challenges of modular construction | Development Finance Today roundtable event. If you're looking to work in partnership with a company that will put your needs first, whilst offering a unique and progressive approach to building consultancy services, then engage with us - get in touch, follow us, connect.

read more › We provide a wide range of building surveying and property consultancy services to both commercial and domestic clients across the South of England and London. We tailor personalised and bespoke property surveying, project management and building consultancy services to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our flexible business model allows us to be agile, with quick responses to clients' needs and pro-active, refreshing solutions to solve their problems. With services ranging from Building, Pre-acquisition and Monitoring Surveying to Project Management, Party Wall and Dilapidations Consultancy, our expert Consultants provide the support you need throughout the property life cycle.

read more › Building Surveyors and Pre-Acquisition building surveys in London and the South of England. We understand the need for responsible and accurate surveying, assessing the quality of commercial, domestic and public properties, detailing their condition and providing input on how to improve them. Our Chartered Surveying Practice operates from our offices in Southampton, Hampshire. We provide a high-quality, professional and responsive service and follow the RICS Building Surveying guidelines when surveying both commercial and residential properties.

read more › We offer commercial property services such as Schedule of Conditions, Reinstatement Cost Assessments, Schedule of works and EPC and MEES advice for both Commercial and Residential clients. Our director-led team of experienced Surveyors have a wealth of experience across all commercial sectors including office, industrial, retail and leisure. EPC and MEES Advice (energy performance certificates and minimum energy efficiency standard). At Sillence Hurn we have vast experience working with commercial property landlords and managing agents, providing services across the entire property lifecycle of Planning & Acquisition, Development and Operational phases.

read more › Sillence Hurn provides a range of cost management services throughout the design, procurement and construction phases of building projects. We manage all the construction and professional fees involved in development, repair and refurbishment projects for both commercial and residential clients in the South of England and in the London area. For larger commercial or residential building projects, it is important that quantity surveyors are employed to help understand and manage the costs involved in the successful completion of the project.

read more › We provide a bespoke and personalised approach to all our property project management services. Project management encompasses the techniques and skills involved in producing a defined outcome (an extension, a new build, refurbishment etc.) within the constraints of people, time, budget and resources. Whether you are undertaking a residential or commercial building project, you'll need someone to oversee the project for you. This will save you a significant amount of stress and anxiety, as the Project Manager role is one which should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced individuals or teams.

read more › Sillence Hurn provide project monitoring services to lenders, investors and finance providers looking to identify, quantify and mitigate the risks in advancing money to a borrower undertaking a building project. We provide expert and experienced independent monitoring surveying services to balance out the banks or private lenders risk with the need to advance finance to developments as projects proceed through the development schedule. For many commercial or residential property developers, external finance will be required to complete projects.

read more › Professional building and property dilapidations advice for both commercial landlords and tenants. Our team have extensive experience in providing dilapidations consultancy. We provide pragmatic, honest advice and work hard to avoid disputes between the landlord and the tenant. Dilapidations represent what the potential exit costs might be, owed to the landlord by the tenant when they leave a property. It is the tenant's responsibility to ensure that when they vacate a property, they return it to the landlord in its original, pre-let condition.

read more › Seek guidance from our knowledgeable party wall consultants; they can ensure you're on the right side of the law and help you avoid unnecessary disputes with your neighbours. Sillence Hurn offer expert advice based on substantial experience of party wall matters. We act for both building owners and adjoining owners and look to guide either party through the complexities and formalities of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, to ensure their best interests are met. Act 1996 is a longstanding piece of legislation initially implemented in London.

read more › Sillence Hurn provide contract administration, management and consultancy for commercial and domestic building projects in the Southern Counties and London. From preparation of contract documentation through to ongoing on-site monitoring of build and completion, Sillence Hurn will be there to ensure your project is delivered successfully. Such is the nature of construction work with its complexities, liabilities and cost exposure, it is vital that the client is suitably assisted and protected through the course of a project.

read more › Our team of expert building surveyors will advise and co-ordinate your PPM survey to allow you to understand the entire lifecycle costing of your assets. Benefit from our expertise in property preventative maintenance with our experienced Surveyors and Consultants. A Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey is an important tool to allow for effective asset management of a property portfolio. Identifying the condition of a property will allow for a strategic approach to managing refurbishment, maintenance or even acquisition or disposal.

read more › Offering the full spectrum of surveying services for commercial property landlords in Hampshire. We understand that commercial property landlords want to ensure that they are always getting significant value from their assets. Sillence Hurn can help with schedules of condition, dilapidations and monitoring surveying as well as managing the risk of insurance claims. We also provide party wall consultancy and building control compliance services to our commercial landlord clients. At Sillence Hurn we offer the full range of surveying services across the commercial property life cycle.

read more › We provide a range of pre-purchase building surveying, planning application and snagging inspection services to residential landlords and homeowners in London and across the South of England. Clear, concise surveys and reporting, teamed with regular and responsive consultancy provides our residential clients with peace of mind. We understand the importance of ensuring that the purchaser fully recognises the condition of their property prior to completion of sale. At Sillence Hurn, we provide pre-purchase building surveys that provide a clear and concisely formatted report to allow the purchaser to anticipate any defects present, repairs and maintenance requirements.

read more › Building and property maintenance surveys and support for property asset managers in London and across the South of England. We provide building and property maintenance surveys as well as project management for major works and dilapidation advice for property and asset managers. At Sillence Hurn we focus on assisting commercial management surveyors with scheduling, programming and managing refurbishment or major works. We focus our services which provide a clear information flow and understanding that a people-centred approach is critical when managing projects of this nature where many stakeholders are involved.

read more › We provide planning applications, project management, procurement advice and design expertise for property development firms and individuals. At Sillence Hurn we recognise the need to balance out three core principles of successful property development project management:. Contract administration, project management and compliance services for property developers and house builders. At Sillence Hurn we tailor our project delivery services to meet each individual client's requirements around these three key factors.

read more › We provide a bespoke and personalised approach to monitoring surveying assisting both the lender and the borrower. We provide our clients with direct access to the wealth of experience of our surveyors who will always be on hand to give the best advice and support. At Sillence Hurn we believe that the role of the Independent Monitoring Surveyor (IMS) should assist both the lender and the borrower and understand the goals for the project to be delivered on time and on budget. We act directly for property developers providing other surveying services such as Party Wall, Dilapidations, Project Management and Contract Administration.

read more › We provide on-site inspection services on behalf of Housing Associations across the South Coast. Sillence Hurn provide property management, project management and surveying services for Housing Associations in London and the South of England. Sillence Hurn have extensive experience in the management and maintenance of social and affordable housing, working directly with registered providers to achieve the most positive outcomes. We understand that these projects go way beyond simple physical buildings and empathise with the needs of the residents and communities who live and rely on them.

read more › Reliable building consultancy services and surveying for schools, academies, colleges and universities. We provide surveying, feasibility and cost assessments, project management and design services for education and schools looking to alter their buildings. Sillence Hurn have extensive experience of working with schools, academies, colleges and universities across the South of England and London on a variety of building survey and consultancy projects. We pride ourselves on our personable, responsive and high-quality service, which takes the pressure off our clients' shoulders.

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