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Hich In-depth surveys on the state of a property and cost of repairs, from fully qualified BSc (Hons) C, Build E, MCABE Building Engineers & RICs surveyors. Award-winning building survey services specialising in construction defect analysis through a network of qualified building surveyors that can conduct NHBC warranty surveys to all types of properties across the UK.

Our most popular surveys are Building Surveys (Structural), Roofing Surveys and Snagging surveys. Our survey fees are based on the number of bedrooms and not the value or location of your property. This enables us to provide the most competitive survey cost across the UK.

The inspection and reports are carried out by BSc (Hons) C, Build E, MCABE Building Engineers and RICs Surveyors with practical building experience merged with qualifications attained in Asbestos Management, Buildings Insurance Validation and NHBC compliance.Routinely used during the home purchase, our building reports are used during the construction, structural repair and refurbishment process, to determine the exacting requirements and costs of any required work or repairs.

read more › We are a national online property surveyor network platform that offers a variety of building survey inspection reports at an affordable cost throughout the UK. Unlike other companies, our survey costs are based on the number of bedrooms rather than the value or location of the property. We recognised that conventional building survey companies and the service they provide was falling short, with insufficient detail and very little guidance on the property condition or deficiencies detected. Our survey service is specifically targeted to defect analysis on all elements of new build and second-hand properties, ensuring savings are made during the purchase process while maintaining building standards.

read more › In-depth building surveys on the state of a property and cost of repairs, from fully qualified BSc (Hons) C, Build E, MCABE Building Engineers & RICs surveyors. At HICH, our fully qualified surveyors help clients understand the condition of each element of the house, identify defects, and assess damage on their properties. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the property construction and condition; and provide our clients with a comprehensive report that includes advice on defects, their apparent cause, urgency of repairs, maintenance options inclusive of algorithm guidance on the costs required to maintain or put the building in sound condition.

read more › In-depth management asbestos surveys and refurbishment & demolition asbestos surveys plus cost of repairs (including photo evidence) from fully qualified BOHS P402 surveyors. We specialise in Asbestos Management Surveys, Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys for domestic and commercial buildings. Our fully qualified surveyors will thoroughly inspect and provide advice on asbestos detected or found in properties throughout the UK. A management survey is the standard survey and the one that all commercial buildings must have by law under The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR20012).

read more › In-depth snagging surveys on the state of a property and cost of repairs, from fully qualified BSc (Hons) C, Build E, MCABE Building Engineers & RICs surveyors. We provide a snagging survey service to all new home buyers, ensuring all our clients get the quality of home they deserve and paid for. A snagging survey inspection will list every physical defect from structural damage externally or internally to minor cosmetic issues and will help ensure that all defects are rectified by the builders ensuring you get your perfect home.

read more › In-depth thermal imaging and infrared surveys on the state of a property and cost of repairs from fully qualified Level 1 Infrared thermographers conforming to ISO 18436-7 & BINDT CM/GEN. We provide heat loss surveys for homeowners and property management companies across the UK. Using state of the art technology we identify heat or energy loss in buildings by detecting thermal bridging, damp and missing insulation. We use thermal image cameras, infrared and thermographic scanning to survey, detect and find flat roof leaks, trapped moisture under water proofing, damaged or missing insulation and hidden defects.

read more › Highly skilled property mediators to help avoid unnecessary expenses and irreparably damaging relationships. We provide a nationwide property mediation service using our highly-skilled surveyor mediators to facilitate a timely resolve between both parties by working towards a swift, cost-effective and mutually beneficial settlement, as well as attempting to keep projects to timescales and rebuilding trust and relationships. Our service helps manage the expectations of both the client and the contractor in keeping with the technical standards set out by the NHBC.

read more › The MyHICH iOS app enables clients on Apple iPhones and iPads to carry out home surveys remotely, by using the app to send images and details describing any potential defects or faults that require single element identification to confirm the dominant cause of break down and repair specifications required. There will be no necessity for a site visit, clients can upload images and descriptions at their leisure relating to any external or internal defects, these will be assessed and evaluated by our panel of qualified building engineers, who will confirm the cause of break down and any rectification works required.

read more › Following payment a receipt for your survey selection will be automatically forwarded to your email address. Your survey documents will then be forwarded to your email address within 24 hours from the date of survey. H.I.C.H LTD do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details or information with any 3rd parties. H.I.C.H LTD make every effort to protect our clients data and therefore do not accept any card payments via voice call communications. H.I.C.H LTD agree to refund the customers survey selection fee in full within 48 hours if for any reason the survey could not be completed by H.I.C.H LTD, however no refund will be given if the surveyor attends the property and is refused or denied access on the time/date agreed or cancelled by the customer 48 hours or less from the survey time/date.

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