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Stephen Locke Associates Stephen Locke Associates is an independent firm of Rural Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Town Planners and Environmental Consultants offering a range of land, property and planning consultancy services to clients throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide professional, confidential and cost-effective consultancy advice to individuals, developers, landowners, farmers, businesses, other professionals and prospective purchasers of land and property.

As rural Chartered Surveyors we provide professional and technical guidance and consultancy across a range of rural services. We provide high quality, practical and professional environmental consultancy with a strong emphasis on achieving sustainable solutions. Stephen Locke Associates will be at Farm Business Innovation 2017 which is Europe's leading diversification event for farmers, land owners and estate owners striving for success in one of the most challenging industries in British business today.

read more › The Company which is based in the Midlands uniquely combines rural Chartered Surveying and Town Planning experience with specialist environmental knowledge, to provide clients with innovative, quality advice at competitive rates. We pride ourselves on knowing each of our clients individually, taking the time to listen to their requirements and then responding quickly to deliver specialist tailored solutions. With over 23 years' experience of working with a variety of both rural and urban clients, Stephen Locke is a qualified member of the RICS, RTPI and CAAV and is a RICS Registered Valuer; he leads the practice and has extensive experience of working with landowners, other agencies, professionals and local authorities in order to assist clients to maximise the potential of their land and property assets.

read more › The planning system can be complex, therefore it is important to receive the correct advice at the beginning of the project. Getting the right development for a particular site requires expert knowledge and experience and an understanding of the options available and the wider legislative framework which would influence decisions. With an extensive experience of both urban and rural planning and development projects, we are able to help you maximise your land and property assets to make your project happen.

read more › Development appraisal involves research into constraints and opportunities evolving from the location, legal and planning aspects of potential sites as well as their physical and locational characteristics. This can be a complex process and may require input from various specialists to supplement our in-house expertise. We can also provide feasibility studies which are normally undertaken in the very early stage of a project. The assessments are carried out and presented in a structured way so that the client can decide whether or not to proceed to the next stage.

read more › We can provide architectural planning drawings for any planning project. We use a combination of in-house and contracted out commissions depending upon the specifics of the project. We have a sound network of associated professionals built up over many years' experience including chartered architects and can provide a full spectrum of general and specialised areas of design. Alternatively, we are happy to work in conjunction with your existing architect or professional development consultants.

read more › We can draw on our experience of working with local authorities and have a proven track record in negotiating with local councils and other bodies to secure planning permissions on behalf of our clients. Careful negotiation and positive liaison with local authority planners is essential when working to secure developments on potentially problematic sites.

read more › The planning system can be complex and confusing but we have many years' experience of submitting planning applications for a variety of different sectors. We can guide you through the current legislation and policies and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals and submit an application that will optimise your chances of a successful outcome. Presentation of planning applications is vitally important. Our experience includes presentations at council planning committees and responses to objections by third parties.

read more › If you erect a building or undertake a change of use without appropriate planning permission, you may be breaking the planning control rules. In certain circumstances the local planning authority may decide that the building or use is not acceptable and the authority may issue an enforcement notice, or in extreme cases, a Stop Notice. If you have received such a notice, timely action is required to avoid possible court action. We have experience of dealing with enforcement issues and can provide effective planning enforcement solutions.

read more › Our blend of commercial understanding and planning knowledge enables us to identify realistic and deliverable development opportunities for a range of land uses from residential and renewable energy infrastructure, to retail and commercial opportunities. We specialise in providing planning advice to landowners and helping to identify land with good development potential. In particular we are able to assist with promoting land through the Local Development Plan process in order to maximise the value of your assets.

read more › Where land is potentially suitable for development for housing, employment or for other uses developers will often wish to enter into agreements with landowners to secure land for future building projects. For many years, developers have used option agreements to gain control over potential development sites, but we are now seeing promotion agreements being increasingly used instead. There are similarities between the two types of agreement - but also important differences. Each situation needs to be considered individually, depending upon the circumstances and intentions of the parties.

read more › Our involvement at the beginning of a project ensures complete co-ordination of development projects both large and small during design, construction and post completion. Our professional and dedicated commitment to planning and project management enables us to co-ordinate project teams. These professionals and select specialists can assist with elements such as ecology, archaeology, acoustics, odour, highways, heritage issues and drainage.

read more › The preparation of Local Development Frameworks and plans presents an opportunity for landowners to get involved in the consultation process and seek the identification and ultimate allocation of their land as a future development site. Should your site have development potential we are able to submit development plan representations on your behalf. By making timely representations to emerging Local Development Frameworks and wider policy guidance our strategic planning experience enables us to promote our clients sites through the development plan process.

read more › The management of land, property and business in the countryside is both rewarding and challenging. We can provide practical support and one-off consultancy through to longer term strategic guidance and planning. As rural Chartered Surveyors we understand the wider picture that may include sporting, traditional ownership requirements, tax planning and intricate ownership arrangements.

read more › Working independently from estate agents we are able to offer practical and impartial advice on land and property sales and purchases. The decision to sell or buy a property can be difficult and very time consuming. We help and guide our clients through the rural market place and can carry out site inspections, assist in negotiating the price and liaise with solicitors and other advisors leading to a successful property transaction.

read more › Our dedicated farm and rural business experience spans over 20 years. We can provide up to date advice on farming, grant schemes and diversified income streams, helping your business maximise the opportunities available and adapt to change. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and utilise our diverse knowledge of farming and the wider rural property industry to advise on business matters.

read more › We understand the challenges of living, working and running a business in the rural marketplace. As qualified Chartered Surveyors we are able to provide clear, practical advice on a number of professional matters. This could range from compulsory purchase and compensation advice to helping negotiate diversions of rights of way; as well as help with issues such as business rates appeals or landlord and tenant advice.

read more › Diversification into non-agricultural enterprises is one possible way for farmers and rural estates to increase their incomes. Our experience over many years of dealing with rural businesses has taught us to take a balanced and individual approach to farm diversification and rural business. Rural businesses have to react to changing circumstances. Sometimes the change comes about through steady evolution and sometimes through reaction to unforeseen circumstances. However, change is best accomplished through careful research and planning.

read more › Regular changes in legislation may result in many more developments requiring an environmental impact assessment (EIA). We can advise on the need for an EIA, negotiate with your local planning authority and apply for scoping opinions to guide the main assessment process through to the publication of the Environmental Statement. Underpinning our knowledge of environmental matters, we have proven management skills and the ability to coordinate multi-skilled teams enabling expert and timely completion.

read more › As support mechanisms for forestry and woodlands become increasingly focused, it is essential that a full review of your assets is undertaken to help guide ongoing management. Stephen Locke Associates are experienced at dealing with tree and woodland matters from tree surveys for development schemes to large scale forestry consultancy. Because we are independent of the need to sell goods or contracting services, we are able to offer impartial and objective advice and guidance. As specialists in the management of woodlands we also provide a forestry and woodland valuation service.

read more › Before commencing a land management project, it is necessary to evaluate your circumstances, define your objectives and design your scheme to meet your needs. Stephen Locke Associates can assist with surveys, project planning and design. We have an extensive network of other professionals and contractors to help bring your ideas into reality. Our independent and professional approach which is tailored to your precise needs will guide you through all aspects of rural landscape management.

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