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Most surveyors charge an hourly rate for party wall work- typically 150-250 inc. VAT. However, here at Novello we try to be as transparent as possible and offer a set fee price. Visit our Party Wall Agreement Costs and Fees page for full details on our prices and how these are calculated. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we're here to guide you through the entire process.

Whether you need an accurate valuation, a comprehensive building survey or professional investment advice, we're the partner you can trust. Our fresh approach to property surveying focuses on accuracy, punctuality and value-for-money. We're a mobile team of RICS qualified with an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing landlords, buyers and sellers in the London areas.

Spend your money wisely, and you could be set for life by purchasing a home in the capital. Make a rash decision, and you might stand to regret it (and pay for it) for decades. We go the extra mile for our clients, giving you the confidence and peace of mind to buy the perfect family or investment home.

read more › Novello Chartered Surveyors was established to challenge the traditional role of surveyors in the house buying process. Having previously worked for a variety of mortgage valuers and independent surveying firms, we understand that nothing frustrates clients more than an un-responsive, slow surveyor who issues a low quality report with little follow up advice and care. We take a friendly and responsive approach, viewing ourselves as your property partners in the whole process rather than just giving snapshot advice.

read more › Our fees for surveys are worked out based upon the property's purchase price and floor area. Our fees for valuations are factored on the property's estimated value. See how cost-effective we are for yourself by getting an instant quote. Most surveyors charge an hourly rate for party wall work- typically 150-250 inc. VAT. However, here at Novello we try to be as transparent as possible and offer a set fee price. Visit our Party Wall Agreement Costs and Fees page for full details on our prices and how these are calculated.

read more › Our team of AssocRICS and MRICS chartered surveyors can examine the condition of your home, identify problems and provide invaluable advice. Our adaptive approach to surveying allows us to provide our clients with a bespoke, timely and accurate service. We're not just here to point out issues. We exist to guide you through the purchasing process, helping you protect your investment along the way. Innovation, integrity and constant communication are at the core of everything we do. For a personalised, modern and high-value surveying service, call the experts at Novello Chartered Surveyors.

read more › Over the years, we've seen all sorts of defects in homes of all ages. That's why neglecting to have a new home surveyed is rarely a wise idea (and it won't help you save money). It's easy to be seduced by the appearance and feel of a home while ignoring problems ranging from foundation issues to damp and everything in between. With the cost of repairs and maintenance hitting you in the pocket. But you don't want to spend thousands for a survey on a home that's in near-perfect condition. Nor do you want to opt for the most basic survey if doing so will leave too many stones unturned.

read more › Before you buy a property in London, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire, Hampshire or Sussex you should find out whether you're about to bring your dreams to life or flush hundreds of thousands of pounds down the drain. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we uncover defects in homes to help you secure peace of mind with regards to your investment. But as a forward-thinking company, we go much further than that. Over the years, we've seen it all - from roofs in states of disrepair to potentially dangerous structural problems.

read more › The Novello HomeLevel report is a concise, economic, expert survey report suitable for houses built after 1970 and flats built after 1950, which are in a reasonable condition and worth less than 1,000,000. The report is laid out in an easy to understand traffic light rated format to help you understand the most urgent issues affecting your potential dream home. By using mobile based technology, we can inspect and produce an accurate report within 24-48 hours. The report is a level 2 survey which is equivalent to the RICS HomeBuyer Report.

read more › As a team of experienced but innovative, forward-thinking and friendly RICS chartered surveyors, we can help you spend your money wisely by making informed decisions. We utilise years of training and in-the-field experience to inspect each element of your home, from the roof to the basement. Then, we compile our findings into a detailed report that we call the HomeLevel Report. It's our modern, signature Level 2 survey that contains all the same information as a HomeBuyer Report. The only difference is: we give you more for your money - much more.

read more › If the answer to any of the questions above is 'yes, ' you probably need a roof survey. Sure, you could call a team of local roofers for the task. But if you want to know your inspector will provide genuinely impartial advice, you might want to partner with our expert roof surveyors. Our roof surveys are undertaken by our expert roofing specialist John Brook. John had over 10 years experience as a roofing contractor before training to become an independent roofing surveyor at Novello. This gives him a unique insight in order to provide you expert, impartial roofing advice.

read more › Today's property market is highly volatile, and many old homes are so problematic that their asking price isn't even close to their true value. Therefore, some home buyers opt for a new-build home. A new-build home should be in immaculate condition when you move in, but this isn't always the case. Some surveys suggest that more than half of new-build properties are hiding defects, even though they've never had a previous owner. Worse still, a recent report highlighted that the average new build contained between 50 and 150 defects.

read more › At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we're here to rectify this problem for good. We're a team of award-winning, forward-thinking RICS Chartered Surveyors that's pioneering the surveying industry, making life more straightforward - and cost-effective - for solicitors, conveyancers, and property hunters. We've designed our new Solicitor Summary Reports specifically to help solicitors save countless valuable working hours, reduce the risk of errors, and improve their services. The report contains information ranging from property descriptions and urgent defects to the legal matters we have noted and safety issues.

read more › Whether you're buying a home or calculating your tax liabilities, obtaining an accurate, impartial and expertly put together property valuation will you help you save time, money and unnecessary hassle. How do you know if a property's price tag is accurate? If you over or under estimate its value you could end up owing or missing out on thousands in tax. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, our expertise, qualifications and up-to-date knowledge on London and Surrey's property market make us the perfect partner to guide you through the process of valuing how much a property is worth.

read more › Why pay over the odds for a London or Surrey property when you can have its true value estimated by an impartial RICS Chartered Surveyor? Purchasing a house might be the biggest investment of your life. If you don't want to lose out, you should check that its advertised price tag is accurate. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we can determine your future home's real value, enabling you to make an informed offer. As highly experienced Valuers, we boast an in-depth understanding of the London and Surrey property market.

read more › There's no denying that London property values can be on the pricey side. Fortunately, thanks to the government's Help to Buy schemes, you can purchase shares or equity in a home and increment your ownership as your situation changes. But if you've bought a home under a Help to Buy Scheme and want to remortgage, repay your loan or sell your property, you'll need an independent Help to Buy Valuation report. This is a requirement by Target, the body appointed by HCA to administer the schemes. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we're an independent team of RICS Registered Valuers that's revolutionising property surveys and valuations.

read more › But our reports are more than just a necessity. They can help you manage your finances and secure fair terms for your increase. In the long run, our impartial equity valuation reports could help you save thousands of pounds. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, our RICS Registered Valuers are here to provide you with accurate valuations as well as invaluable property advice. Whether you want to staircase, pay off your help-to-buy loan or take full ownership of your home, we can help you. Call us today, and we'll get the ball rolling in no time.

read more › Your accountant can simplify the process of calculating your tax obligations accurately, provided they have a current market valuation for your home from a RICS Registered Valuer. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we use our in-depth knowledge of London's property market, years of experience and the strict guidelines set out by RICS to produce accurate valuations promptly. We can streamline the process of calculating your capital gains tax obligations while helping you save time, money and effort.

read more › Saying goodbye to a close friend, family member or spouse is never easy. And while you want to spend time grieving with your loved ones, you're expected to handle legal issues, such as resolving the deceased's affairs and distributing assets according to their wishes. Dealing with such a traumatic experience takes time. But the same doesn't need to be true when it comes to getting your loved one's affairs in order - and you don't need to do it alone. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we're compassionate by nature.

read more › Does your company own a residential property? If it's in London with a value exceeding 500,000, you may be subject to Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings. A RICS Registered Valuer can determine your property's value with pinpoint accuracy and help identify legal ways to minimise your financial burden. We can also help you avoid legal reprisal and financial penalties. In the process, we'll provide you with the valuation report you need for your accountant to calculate your tax obligations without delay.

read more › Before you sell your property, you'll need an accurate, impartial and up-to-date market valuation from a RICS Registered Valuer. You may also need to calculate how much tax you owe based on the profit from your home's sale (gains). If you want to lease your home, you should find out how much income you can expect to make. At Novello, we can value your property without you even having to leave your country of residence (in many cases). While we're at it, we can produce documents for your accountant to use to calculate your tax obligations accurately, which could prevent delays, legal disputes and more.

read more › Do you fully understand what can be deemed as an investment property and which properties are exempt from taxes under FRS 102? An investment property isn't the same thing as a commercial property. That means that just because you need your property to make a living, you might not necessarily be subject to pay tax under FRS 102. At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we're a team of property experts that can remove the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the complex rules that apply to the recently updated sections in FRS 102 that relate to properties.

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