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Adams Building Consultancy Welcome to Adams Building Consultancy, a specialist multi-award winning practice excelling in providing technical property advice using innovative techniques. Our specialist expertise has led the firm to national television exposure having appeared on BBC's Watchdog Live undertaking building defect investigations whilst also being interviewed for Channel 4's Dispatches and BBC News.

2018 Scottish Enterprise Award for "Specialist Building Consultancy of the year - Edinburgh" and "Leading Providers of Dispute Resolution Services". We specialise in providing tailored solutions and professional advice throughout a property lifecycle on all technical aspects of acquisition, development, funding, ownership, occupation and disposal with a focus on increasing value and reducing exposure to risks.

We are also one of the leading providers of Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness Services providing opinions across various property and building disputes, including contractual compliance, workmanship and defect disputes.

read more › I have gained over 19 years post graduate experience in Real Estate and have worked for a number of Scotland's most prominent Chartered Surveying firms, including Capita Real Estate, Ryden Property Consultants, Graham & Sibbald and DM Hall, before starting my own bespoke and specialist practice. I am a dual qualified Chartered Building Surveyor and Chartered Building Engineer, whilst I have obtained distinction by attaining Fellowship with both the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Chartered Association of Chartered Engineers (CABE).

read more › As a Chartered Building Surveyor and Chartered Building Engineer I provide a full range of tailored Building Surveys, whether you are acquiring, disposing, developing, leasing or funding a single asset or property portfolio whilst I have a breadth of experience of undertaking surveys across the Residential, Office, Industrial, Hotel, Retail, Leisure, Healthcare and Agricultural sectors. I have acted on behalf of a range of clients in preparing Building Surveys on almost every type of building imaginable from historic castles through to modern new offices, hotels to retail units and even some more abstract building types such as sewerage works!

read more › As one of the most active Expert Witnesses in Scotland, I have gained an established and enviable reputation providing specialist advice, Alternative Dispute Resolution, litigation support and Expert Witness services in a wide variety of property disputes, including professional negligence, landlord and tenant, dilapidations, building contracts, defects, workmanship, water ingress, dampness, neighbour, insurance, building damage and various building pathology cases. I receive direct appointments from Advocates, Litigation Solicitors, Insurers and parties direct whilst boasting considerable experience of litigation matters including crucially presenting oral evidence and receiving cross examination in court on a number of occasions.

read more › Dilapidations is the term given to breaches of lease covenants, usually relating to the condition of the property, either during the term of a tenancy or at lease expiry. I have unrivalled experience acting on behalf of Landlord, Tenant, Sub-Tenant. Assignee and Assignor providing professional advice on dilapidation liabilities and associated costs whilst providing strategic advice to increase your commercial advantage and obtain successful resolution. My experience and standing as a dilapidation specialist are reinforced from numerous Expert Witness appointments and provision of Expert Opinions for litigation purposes relating to dilapidation disputes.

read more › Buying and owning a New Build Residential property can bring with it a unique series of issues. For most the decision to buy a New Build was supposed to deliver a quality home, free of any significant issues and without any requirement to undertake building works. However, for a considerable number of our Clients the reality did not meet their expectations. But who do you turn to when things aren't as they should be? Do you have the time and expertise to identify the issues, let alone resolve them?

read more › The preservation of historic buildings is of paramount importance and ensuring the conservation of such buildings for future generations to enjoy is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work. Heritage and Conservation Consultancy requires a specialist skill set borne out of years of experience and dedication. If you own or are responsible for the practical care and maintenance of a historic building and require professional assistance in determining the condition, extent of repair and maintenance required or in progressing a project then please get in touch.

read more › Maintenance is often neglected to buildings which has an accumulative effect and leads to increased expenditure and often disruption due to component failure. A lack of maintenance can significantly impact on the value of an investment or result in claims for more significant and costly remedial works. I can offer a variety of services designed to assist a Client in ascertaining the maintenance needs of their building stock and in the management of reactive repairs and planned preventative maintenance works.

read more › As a Chartered Building Surveyor and Chartered Building Engineer I have an in-depth knowledge of building construction, adaptation, re-modelling, refurbishment and their repair and maintenance to gain a commercial advantage in any project. My experience coupled with a proven ability to manage a construction project whilst providing clear advice and problem solving capabilities ensure that projects are completed on-time, in accordance with specifications/contract documents and are delivered within budget.

read more › Expert Determination is a dispute resolution process whereby an independent Expert in the subject matter of the dispute, is appointed by the parties to resolve the matter. The Expert's decision is, by prior agreement of the parties, legally binding on the parties and presents typically a low cost dispute resolution option. Expert Determination is particularly suited to disputes primarily dependant on technical issues such as building and insurance disputes including for instance alleged poor workmanship of the reinstatement contractor, inadequate scope of works undertaken or disputes over lack of an adequate sum insured.

read more › A Schedule of Condition is an accurate and thorough record of the condition of the property, which is utilised to set the benchmark condition of the property as at the assessment date. I have prepared Schedules of Condition on a range of properties whether for the purposes of appending to a lease agreement for Landlord or Tenant, appending to a legal contract or as documentary evidence of the factual condition of the property prior to major construction or significant redevelopment works. It is essential that a Schedule of Condition protects the instructing party against pre-existing defects and my specialism in dilapidations and methodical methods in supporting claims is beneficial to recording meticulously the condition of the building.

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