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West Twelve is a small and independent practice of dedicated specialist damp and timber surveyors with over 35 years industry experience in building investigation and remedial specification in modern, period and historic buildings. We provide expert advice and opinion for all damp and timber decay issues affecting your privately owned or commercial property.

West Twelve's Principal Surveyor is Paul Larter who has over 35 years experience and industry knowledge in property preservation. Paul is an experienced, independent, surveyor and a member of the PCA. Paul specialises in all aspects of damp, basement and cellar waterproofing, condensation, timber defects including woodworm, wet and dry rot.

Throughout his career Paul has worked at all levels of management and surveying for commercial and domestic clients and has a wealth of experience in dealing with properties of all ages and construction type.As independent surveyors we can help you with our range of surveying services whether you are a professional, a home-owner or buying a home.

read more › West Twelve specialist surveyors are not a contracting company aiming to sell something. We are totally independent which means you receive unbiased objective opinion based facts and not the need to sell work. The majority of "Specialist" damp and timber treatment companies in the UK employ commission based sales staff to carry out inspections aimed at selling products and systems and the benefits of long term guarantees. In reality many of the treatments recommended by contractors are done so following misdiagnosis.

read more › You can rely on West Twelve to help you diagnose any damp issues you have. Our independent damp and timber surveys will help highlight damp and timber issues in your property throughout London, Bristol, Exeter and Surrey. The presence of damp is often ignored by homeowners, or simply not recognised until a building is surveyed when, for example, the property is being sold or remortgaged. Damp in buildings is frequently misdiagnosed by many damp proofing contractors, often leading to hundreds, in some cases thousands of pounds on unnecessary and inappropriate treatments that can cause further damage to the structure, particularly with old and period properties.

read more › West Twelve Surveyors carry out damp and timber surveys throughout London, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire Gloucestershire, Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall. You will find we are specialists in our field working with homeowners, landlords, builders and property professionals to provide an independent, professional, opinion on any damp or timber issues you have. Damp Surveys help you to identify any damage caused by rising damp, penetrating damp and vertical penetrating dampness.

read more › Condensation is without question by far the most common cause of dampness within buildings today. It is staggering the number of properties we are asked to inspect where rising damp or penetrating dampness has been reported by damp proofing contractors when the true problem is condensation. Sadly in many cases the average home-owner will accept the advice of a damp proofing contractor and spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on totally unnecessary treatments which will have no effect whatsoever on the real problem of condensation, in fact in many situations it has made the problem of condensation worse.

read more › West Twelve are experienced surveyors in all aspects of structural waterproofing. The service we offer extends to professionals including architects, surveyors, engineers, construction companies and builders, insurance companies and loss adjusters and those working on self build projects. West Twelve are able to offer on site investigation where flooding has occurred possibly as a result of a failed waterproofing system. Following investigation West Twelve will offer diagnosis, reports and specifications for the appropriate remedial work.

read more › Dry Rot and Wet Rot are wood-destroying fungi which attack timber in order to extract food to maintain growth and the generation of spores. Affected timber exhibits significant loss of weight. In buildings the result is the deterioration and ultimately destruction of the timber with serious consequences in the case of structural sections. The problem affects all types of property, historic or modern. Dampness combined with lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for fungal decay. Wood rotting fungi can be commonly grouped into species of wet rot (of which there are many varieties) and dry rot.

read more › West Twelve survey fees are based upon an initial inspection and preparation of report except an assessment inspection which offer a basic non intrusive inspection followed by verbal advice only with no written report. Further site visits, site meetings and consultation etc will be charged at an hourly rate of 250.00 plus expenses. West Twelve Specialist Surveyors provide in depth, non destructive, site investigations and surveys followed by detailed written reports with recommendations and guidance for remedial works if necessary.

read more › West Twelve Surveyors will frequently make reference to or recommend the following professionals, manufactures and industry associations. In doing so West Twelve Surveyors assures its clients that we have no commercial interests or gains in forwarding details. Qualified, Experienced, Surveyors, members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

read more › Paul's report gave us a better understanding of the damp proofing treatments that needed to be done. We had no idea if the work would cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. Paul's report gave us the confidence to negotiate. This is an excellent, if not a little scary report and it confirms what we guessed, but quantifies it comprehensively and we have passed it straight to our builder as the benchmark against which to propose work. As first time buyers we found Pauls' report to be very easy to understand and appreciated the help is choosing a contractor to undertake repairs.

read more › The term woodworm is a description commonly used to describe the numerous species of wood boring insects common to the United Kingdom, of which there are many. The more frequently found beetles are the common furniture beetle, death watch beetle and the weevil family. In the majority of situations most home owners are not aware that woodworm exist in their property. The first evidence is normally when woodworm are nearing completion of their life cycle. Activity of woodworm can be confirmed by the presence of bore dust, or frass, but it can be difficult to determine whether the infestation is alive or historic and if it needs treating or not?

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