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McGowan Miller McGowan Miller Construction Consultants, regulated by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, are a well established multidisciplinary company which offers bespoke services to suit all construction related needs. We offer construction related professional services to a wide and varied client base, and on a wide range and value of projects. We are based in South West Scotland and are happy to provide our services throughout the UK.

There is a strong team here at McGowan Miller. Robert will remain active on a number of projects and continue to provide services for clients and act as a point of contact in his role as a consultant. Looking forward, the company has recently recruited a further graduate building surveyor who joined our team at the beginning of September. We have a vacancy for a Senior Quantity Surveyor.

Ideally, the candidate should have a relevant Quantity Surveying degree and/or be MRICS or FRICS qualified. The candidate should be experienced in preparing cost plans; bills of quantities; and post-contract cost management.

read more › We commenced trading in 1990 as McGowan Miller Partnership and have since then built up an enviable reputation for providing a quality service with a personal touch. As we approached our 25th year in business, we felt that the time was right for a re-branding and restructuring exercise of our company to freshen up our image and also to reflect the changing and varied services which we now provide in today's modern construction industry. This re-branding and restructuring is now reflected in our new company name of McGowan Miller Construction Consultants which is the trading name of our company McGowan Miller Ltd.

read more › These represent some familiar headings and designations used for the professional services in the construction industry, but remember, we may not have listed the exact type of service that you require and, being Construction Consultants, it's probable that we do also provide that particular service, perhaps under an unfamiliar name! If in doubt please feel free to contact us.

read more › McGowan Miller Construction Consultants place great emphasis on the training and development of all staff which benefits both the company and the individual. As can be seen from the staff list above, McGowan Miller Construction Consultants has a number of extremely well qualified surveying staff with a wealth of experience. Every commission will have an allocated director as well as a lead surveyor and, depending on the scale of the commission, additional team members as required. The client will be able to contact both the allocated director (and indeed any director) and their commission lead surveyor directly and at any time.

read more › Providing Quantity Surveying, or Cost Consultancy, services is a large part of our business at McGowan Miller Construction Consultants. Most clients and fellow professionals who work regularly within the construction industry appreciate that the role of Quantity Surveyor is a necessity and not an unnecessary expense. Control of costs pre construction, during construction and at completion is just as vital to projects as the actual design is. At McGowan Miller Construction Consultants we are happy to discuss with any new client the advantages of engaging a Quantity Surveyor on their project such as the certainty that they have received a competitive price, control of costs and contractual control of the contractor.

read more › This is a vital part of a project no matter what the scale. A client needs to know the likely cost of their proposals as the time and expense which would be wasted working towards proposals which do not match the available budget could be significant, not to mention the difficulties which could arise if a project were to proceed only to find out further down the line that the budget has run out before completion!

read more › There are a myriad of routes that can be taken to procure a project. Whilst a lot of clients who work within the construction industry may have procurement routes already agreed, there are others who welcome our guidance and explanations of the options which could be dependent on the type and scale of the project, timescales and finances. We are familiar with all the current procurement roots using the various recognised building contracts and would be happy to discuss any particular requirements in greater detail should it be required.

read more › At McGowan Miller Construction Consultants we prepare and produce all of our tender documentation using one of the latest computerised tendering / billing software packages, RIPAC by CSSP. The use of this software system enables us to fully tailor the Tender Documentation to suit both the client's wishes and the needs of the project whilst retaining a great deal of versatility to react to changes both quickly and efficiently.

read more › At McGowan Miller Construction Consultants we realise that the selection of a capable contractor is paramount to the success of any project. With this thought forefront in our minds, we have various tried and tested methods of achieving this, dependant on, amongst other things, the scale of the project and the timescales. For larger scale projects, including public sector projects, we have the experience to ensure that EU tendering procedures are adhered to which may involve advertising the opportunity followed by a pre-selection process to provide us with a final tender list.

read more › This is a key service that is often overlooked somewhat but at McGowan Miller Construction Consultants, in our experience, careful and thorough checking of tender submissions is vital to ensure the project then follows on successfully. Ultimately, our aim is to provide the client with all the necessary information to allow them to proceed to contractor acceptance and appointment.

read more › One of the most common problems we hear when a client's relationship breaks down with a contractor is that "x amount has been paid up front". Whilst this is unfortunate and in no way reflects badly on the client or contractor, we, through the use of common construction contracts, ensure that any client only pays for works actually completed on site. We would typically value the works completed on site on a monthly basis and certify for payment on behalf of the client. The aforementioned processes are typical within the construction industry but sadly a lot of private clients are unaware of this.

read more › A useful and informative part of our Quantity Surveying duties is that, for each project, we will prepare a full cost report to accompany the monthly payment certification. This provides the client with a summary of all the financial aspects of their project including, ultimately, how much under, or over, the budget the project currently runs at.

read more › Upon completion of a project, a final account must be agreed between the client and the contractor. At McGowan Miller Construction Consultants, we have an excellent team of surveyors who are very adept at the, often overlooked skill, of negotiating and agreeing final accounts, a welcome skill in today's ever litigious environment.

read more › By engaging McGowan Miller Construction Consultants as their Quantity Surveyor, our clients can take comfort from the fact that we have the required experience and ability to fully analyse any contractual claim, respond and ultimately negotiate on the client's behalf. We have a number of procedures in place for claim analysis which, together with our methodical approach, has proven to be very successful over the years, this success having been well received by our clients.

read more › McGowan Miller Construction Consultants offer a comprehensive Building Surveying service with a broad skill base and a wealth of expertise, we provide a range of tailored solutions for all your Building Surveying needs. Building Surveying, as a role, is very difficult to define as it covers such a wide range of possibilities. Our team of Building Surveyors are therefore structured to offer a whole range of services to ensure that all of our client's requests are met and that they all benefit from our wider expertise and knowledge.

read more › Clients approach us to carry out Building Condition Surveys or Schedule of Condition Surveys for any number of reasons which can range from individual private clients requiring a Condition Survey on a single dwelling right up to local authorities and public bodies instructing stock Condition Surveys for future maintenance budgeting and compliance issues. McGowan Miller Construction Consultants have a wealth of experience throughout the whole of this scale ranging from numerous private clients up to stock Condition Surveys for Royal Mail, Dumfries & Galloway Council and NHS Dumfries & Galloway to name but a few.

read more › Clients often contact us with a specific issue or problem with their buildings which can range from a homeowner with a minor concern to a commercial client with a possible major issue. Whoever the client may be or whatever the scale of the issue might be, McGowan Miller Construction Consultants have the experience and ability to react appropriately and will provide a clear and concise report on the issue. Our reports therefore clearly spell out all the likely and potential causes as well as recommending the best course of action to take.

read more › This type of request more often than not comes from a homeowner who has had some works carried out and has a grievance, usually about the quality of workmanship and sometimes about the amount charged for the works, commercial clients and larger scale projects are usually subject to contract and all the subsequent mechanisms for dispute resolvement, hence it is unusual for this type of dispute to arise on that type of project. At McGowan Miller construction consultants, we more often than not find that, after preparation and submission of our reports, our professional opinion together with a few suggestions of how best to proceed and resolve the disputed issues, is enough to break the stalemate and for both parties to move on.

read more › McGowan Miller Construction Consultants do not offer any services in respect of any legal aspects of landlord and tenant concerns but we do however provide Schedule of Condition Reports and Schedule of Dilapidation Reports. If required, we are happy to liaise directly with any of our client's legal representatives to ensure we deliver exactly what is required.

read more › There are various types of legislative compliance, two of the main ones for a public access building being the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and fire compliance measures, both being issues on which we can provide guidance and which are detailed previously. We also offer advice on Building Warrant and Planning Application issues and are very experienced at guiding clients through these processes whatever the scale of project.

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