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Based on up to and including a conventional and typical 3 bedroom property. Add 42 for any additional bedroom. The survey includes diagnosis of problems found (if any) remedial advice (if required), budget costs (if required) and a written report. This offer excludes Cavity Wall Tie inspections which can be quoted upon request.

We will also and gladly be pleased to liaise with the vendor and/or estate agent to achieve mutually convenient access to the property to enable our task which if necessary includes key collection and return.Sit back and let us take the strain. If you are a homebuyer or seller it is essential you stipulate Homebuyer in the drop-down box to ensure you benefit from this special offer.

Academy Remedial Surveyors has qualified remedial surveyors specialising in all forms of damp and timber defects affecting both private and commercial properties of all types, designs and age. We make a charge for a survey because that is all we do - surveying. This means that you get independent advice, unlike others who have a vested interest in finding problems with their 'free' survey.

read more › Whether you are buying or selling a property or are simply concerned about damp and/or timber defects within the property you live it is imperative that you get professional sound honest advice from a totally independent qualified surveyor. If you are BUYING a property you will have probably instructed a building surveyor to inspect the property if only to satisfy your mortgage lender. In most instances that surveyor will recommend that you instruct a specialist to inspect and report on damp and/or timber defects.

read more › Academy Remedial Surveyors are all independent, qualified, registered with the Property Care Association and fully insured. The Property Care Association (PCA) is the industry regulatory body of which members have an absolute requirement to demonstrate their expertise, competence and financial standing. We are an approved by Which? who have been testing products and services for nearly 60 years. See our listing on the Which?

read more › Damp is a fertile area for rip-off traders as the very word can set alarm bells ringing and panic householders into paying anything to have the problem dealt with. In reality, many older properties in Britain have some form of damp within the structure, but often this does not need serious remedial work to treat. As you can't see what is really going on with damp you do rely on the damp-proofing company to be honest. In our Derby house, our off-duty nurses have noticed a strange smell. Our structural expert John Topp has discovered a small area of damp in one of the interior kitchen walls; not serious, the wall simply needs treating and re-plastering.

read more › However, opportunities for Damp & Timber Surveyors do arise from time to time in the South of England. Applicants need to be qualified to a minimal standard of CSRT, with good report writing and literacy skills and certainly be client pro-active. We are not contractors, therefore, there are no sales targets to achieve, no sites to supervise and appointments are qualified and pre-booked by our administration team. We instructed Academy Remedial Surveyors to investigate a woodworm infestation that was flagged up in our homebuyer's survey.

read more › Contractors whether industry qualified or not and Freelance Surveyors who are generally qualified have a vested interest in securing work to ensure the continuance of their business using the methods and products available to them. It's not really about whether or not you have damp and/or timber problems it's about why you have them, what they actually are and the best way of resolve in the most cost effective and meaningful way. When buying a property a Building Surveyor will typically state that "The damp proof course may have failed", in our experience this is very rare indeed, causation is almost always due to other influences such as bridging or in fact not rising damp at all but penetrating damp or condensation.

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