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ELS Land Consultants Ltd is a professional land survey company which provides a full land and building surveying service connected with the development and measurement of land and buildings. Established in 1958 ELS Land Consultants Ltd has built up an unrivalled reputation for providing the highest quality surveying service to our many and varied Clients, including producing highly detailed topographical and measured building surveys and offering a full site engineering service.

read more › The collected data may be presented in many formats from a simple paper plan to a full 3D digital model depending on the client's requirements. Today the most common presentation is as a digital data set which is also plotted out as drawings on paper. All our field data is captured using the latest Leica Total Stations and GPS and then processed in our offices using our networked computer facilities to produce either a 2D or 3D model. We can output data to clients in a variety of formats including AutoCAD, Microstation, MOSS and many more.

read more › An as built is a survey of something that has either been erected or built and then compared with the architects or developers design drawings. This is especially important with new buildings where any discrepancies in the position of the structure will have a severe impact on the fit out later on. We use the latest Leica Total Stations and Digital Levels to produce an accurate digital plan of the existing structure and overlay it with the Clients design drawing. From this we can determine the differences between the 2 plans.

read more › Areas of building may be required for valuation, management, planning, sale, letting or acquisition purposes. Old or paper plans may be out of date or inaccurate to provide the necessary areas. GEA - Gross External Area is the area of a building measured externally at each floor level. GIA - Gross Internal Area is the area of the building measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level. NIA - Net Internal Area is the usable area within a building measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level.

read more › It is inevitable that some neighbours will dispute a boundary or right of way. Sometimes they need the help of an independent professional experienced land survey company to determine where their right of way or boundaries are. By carrying out a measured boundary survey and compiling in the computer the existing Land Registry or Deed plans with it we can determine where the disputed boundary should be.

read more › Most parcels of land in England has a plan and a registered title showing its boundaries and is held and maintained by Land Registry. Most plans are based on the Ordnance Survey map and the majority of them show the general boundaries, not the exact boundary or its type. The Ordnance Survey plans are also subject to specified accuracy tolerances, therefore, measurements scaled between features shown on the plan will not necessarily match measurements taken between the features on site. ELS are often requested to check the position of the boundaries of a parcel of land that has or is being bought by a Client to make sure that they are correct.

read more › An Underground Services Survey or Utility Survey refers to the location, positioning and identification of buried pipes and cables beneath the ground. There are several techniques involved in locating underground services but the main ones include Electromagnetic locators (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). PAS 128 provides a robust methodology for delivering utility surveys in the UK. It focuses on levels of accuracy - referred to as Survey Category Types - that you can specify when requiring a PAS 128 compliant underground utility survey.

read more › 3D Visualisation is the process where the Client wants to see how a development will look like after completion. It can be difficult to visualize what the new development will look just by looking at the proposed 3D building model in the computer. By taking site specific measurements you can superimpose the proposed 3D building model onto an existing photograph of the site and see its impact on the surrounding area.

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