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We are a growing team of five available to assist property owners or developers undertaking works, as well as homeowners adjacent to proposed works. Stanley Associates recognise that surveyors can sometimes be hard to reach as the nature of their work regularly requires them to be on site. Every project, large or small, is allocated a Coordinator who is in the office full time and able to provide regular updates and answer questions.

Please do get in touch for advice on Party Wall Notices, Party Wall Agreements (also know as Awards) and Condition Surveys. We will be happy to explain the process and likely timescales. From our Poole office, Stanley Associates undertake Party Wall surveys throughout Bournemouth, Christchurch and surrounding areas up to Wimborne and Wareham.

read more › Prior to undertaking works which fall under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, you will need to serve Notice on your neighbours ('Adjoining Owners'). The information below should give you an idea but please note that the key to determining whether the Act applies is in the detail. Our general advice, for small projects, is to allow a minimum of 2 months from the date of serving Notice. For more complex projects such as basements, we would usually recommend a minimum of 3 months. Timing is unpredictable as it is dependent on the time it takes for Adjoining Owners to respond to the Notice (which can be up to a month) and subsequently whether they consent or dissent.

read more › The Act requires that Notice be served for certain works which have the potential to affect your property. Many people apply for planning and start the Party Wall process in parallel to reduce the time it takes to start work. Therefore, it is possible to have a Party Wall Award in place and planning to be subsequently refused. Nonetheless the proposed works cannot take place lawfully without both planning permission and the Party Wall process complete for the elements of the works that fall under the Act.

read more › The Act provides the right to raise a Party Wall although it is not specific in what materials can be used. Party Wall Surveyors prefer a wall being raised in matching materials, usually brickwork. This provides a better detail for the works and also allows a neighbour to make use of the same wall in future. It may be slightly more expensive than creating a timber/tiled dormer however, if/when the neighbour builds a loft in the future a share of the cost of the wall will become due. This cost would be calculated based on construction costs at the time of the neighbour's works.

read more › When building a new wall on a boundary a Building Owner is legally required to serve Notice under section 1 of the Act. A notice under section 1(2) of the Act would allow the neighbour to consent to the new wall being built astride the boundary as a party wall. This means they could use it in the future. The Building Owner would have a right of access to build this wall. A notice under section 1(5) of the Act is required to build a wall on the boundary (but not astride it). The same applies if the Adjoining Owner does not specifically consent to the new wall being astride the boundary line (when a notice under section 1(2) is served).

read more › When serving Notice to build a new wall situated on the boundary but entirely on his land, a Building Owner needs to serve Notice on an Adjoining Owner under section 1(5) of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Following on from this, section 1(6) states that a Building Owner shall have the right ". to place below the level of the land of the Adjoining Owner such projecting footings and foundations as are necessary." It is a common misconception that this grants an absolute right to build a foundation which projects beyond the face of the wall under onto (under) the land of an Adjoining Owner's.

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