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Mdhs Asbestos Consultants Whatever your role in your building project, you'll know that asbestos is something you can't afford to ignore. The law is clear: you are required to have an asbestos survey on any non-domestic building built before 2000. Asbestos can put the health of your workforce at risk, and affect your customers and visitors to your premises. The presence of asbestos in your building can hold up planning permission and mortgage approvals, and cause delays to your project.

We advise on all aspects of asbestos management: surveys, removal, monitoring and training. Our thorough inspections of commercial and residential properties provide detailed, unbiased reports and test results on suspect materials. When asbestos is discovered, we offer guidance on your next steps. If you have had a report carried out by another company and you're not sure where to turn, we can help.

We also offer regular monitoring of your property. Whatever the age of the asbestos, we assess the risks and advise you whether or not removal is necessary.

MDHS Asbestos Consultants Limited are here to help you manage workplace risk to assist in being compliant with Health & Safety Regulations. Having a well thought-out health and safety policy and procedures is a key element in maintaining a safe working environment. MDHS Asbestos Consultants Limited help businesses take advantage of the huge benefits

Effective Safety Management in the workplace is essential yet many organisations find interpreting and meeting legislative requirements difficult. This is where MDHS Asbestos Consultants can help. Our service is designed to enhance company safety, reduce risk and save your business money. The potential risks associated with creating your own health

You would think that one-on-one training would cost a fortune and be time-consuming to organise. Well, it isn't! Our one-on-one tutor led interactive online training goes at precisely the pace required by each individual. It provides an opportunity to go over the learning content as often as required so every employee gets the optimum learning experience

As set out by the HSG264 there are only two asbestos surveys to be considered, a Management Survey and Refurbishment & Demolition Survey although you can have a mixture of the two. Here at MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd, we have separated the types out further so the titles are specific to the type of property or aim of the survey. In 1999, the UK Government

It's common practice that mortgage lenders, such as banks and building societies, will request for a Asbestos Surveys for Pre-purchase to be carried out on a property before they approve you a loan. This is standard practice now as part of a building condition check, along with other more obvious factors such as gas and electricity. It's recommended

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