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Anglian Home Surveyors Carried out a Full Building Survey today on this impressive Arts and Crafts 1910 property in Herts. It just reminds me why I enjoy surveying period properties. The Government have also released a useful 'How to sell' guide providing homeowners with a helpful overview of the process of selling a home. This week I surveyed a period property in The Green, Finchingfield, Essex, There is a mix of medieval, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century buildings.

The picturesque village is often described as "the most photographed village in the country".

read more › Anglian Home Surveyors Ltd is owned by Senior Surveyor Raphael Stipic, an established, fully qualified, accredited and truly independent Residential Building Surveyor in Cambridge. Anglian Home Surveyors focus on providing professional and reliable surveying products on residential properties only, including historic buildings. We offer a personal service to all of our clients, including spending time talking to clients before a survey to fully understand their surveying needs, and again straight after a survey so they are fully aware of all of the key issues prior to the report being issued.

read more › Our MiHome Buyer surveys are for properties built post 1860 that are in an average or better condition and that are of a standard construction type. It's written on ground-breaking, photo-driven surveyor software it's competitively priced and delivered in a consistent and reliable format. It's a scary fact that nearly 80% of buyers don't check that their property is safe or what work needs doing. The advice you receive from one of our comprehensive MiHome Buyer surveys may save you thousands of pounds and may even help you renegotiate the purchase price to take account of any essential repairs.

read more › We are delighted to offer Mi Buy-to-Let Surveys for private landlords across Cambridgeshire. A Mi Buy-to-Let Survey combines a survey of the property condition with a review of the Health & Safety matters affecting property in the private rented sector (PRS). Many of the hazards that may be present are the result of condition-related defects. For example, black mould found on the walls could be due to the nature of the property construction, cracking of external render or badly-worn brickwork. But it may also be due to tenants not using or providing any ventilation.

read more › The MiBuilding Survey is a full building survey (formerly known as a structural survey). It is the UK's only quality controlled, fixed format full survey and you can rely on its report to help you make informed decisions about your new home. The Mi Building Survey is mainly for properties older than 1860, of unusual construction, extensively extended or you intend to carry out significant alterations. The Mi Building Survey would include more advice compared to the Level 2 Mi Home Buyer Survey.

read more › This is a level 3 survey for historic, larger, listed, unusual, cherished properties that require more attention to detail. When purchasing this type of building, it is essential to obtain independent specialist advice from someone who understands traditional building techniques. Surveying old buildings requires a completely different approach, as many older buildings have defects which have run with them for many years, while others have been spoilt by inappropriate repairs in the past, or over-restoration.

read more › In this Insider Guide we take a look at conservation areas, which exist to protect a location's special architectural and historic interest. These are, of course, the features. Spring is the time of year when the dreaded Japanese knotweed starts to rear its head - or buds in this case - and we realise just where it's been hiding all winter. In this Insider Guide we're going to take a look at drains, and in particular the things that can prevent them from functioning effectively, as well as simple maintenance techniques that can help to alleviate problems.

read more › Raphael conducted a survey for us on an older property over a year ago. His survey was so thorough it helped us identify real issues the mortgage survey didn't pick up and significantly negotiate on the offer/value of the property. Over the last year we have contacted Raphael several times to ask his opinion on things, things he could have easily not responded to or said he didn't know about, however three times he has actually called to our house to take a look and has never wanted payment. Talk about above and beyond!

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