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Independent Specialist Surveys Welcome to 'Independent Specialist Surveys' - impartial rising damp, penetrating damp, dry rot, woodworm and basement waterproofing inspections by an independent PCA damp and timber surveyor. Our standard damp and timber surveys are normally non-destructive but if required for an additional fee more in-depth investigation can be undertaken using Borescopes and Calcium Carbide meters.

read more › Timber is resistant to decay provided it remains dry. Inadequate ventilation and prolonged wetting as a reult of, for example, faulty rainwater goods, rising damp or poor maintenance diminishes this resistance, although the vulnerability varies between timber species. There are numerous wet rots some of which are white rots and some of which are brown rots. There are many fungal species causing wet rot. Some, such as Fibroporia Vaillantii attack softwoods others such as Donkiporia expansa will attack hardwoods, whilst other wet rots such as Coniophora puteana can attack both.

read more › Whilst we would always recommend that the treatment for rising damp, dry rot and basement waterproofing be undertaken by a specialist contractor who is a member of the Property Care Association and who can offer insurance backed guarantees, we understand that in some instances Client's prefer to use their own contractors, with whom they already have a working relationship. This can be particularly relevant in a complete refurbishment project, where for instance, during the stripping-out stage an outbreak of either dry or wet rot is uncovered.

read more › Our standard damp or timber survey fees including pre-purchase, range between 225-260 depending on the size of the property, the scope of the survey, parking costs, congestion charge and postcode etc and will be confirmed by the Independent Specialist Surveyor prior to inspection. In line with our environmental policy a 10% reduction can be made on survey fees over 245 for electronic only reports. Please ensure prompt payment is made in any event as we endeavour to turn reports around within 3-5 working days of attending the property and delays may result in us being unable to provide a report if you 'lose your place in the queue'.

read more › Why should I pay for an independent damp and timber survey when some Companies offer 'free' surveys? A. Whilst there are a number of reputable businesses within the industry that offer 'free' surveys, some treatment Companies employ unqualified, commission based salesman, with limited experience and little or no interest in diagnosing the actual problems that are affecting a property. Let's suppose that you are considering the purchase of a typical mid-terrace Victorian property. You have commissioned a Chartered Surveyor to undertake a Homebuyer type survey, as required by your mortgage lender.

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