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Croft Surveyors Croft Surveyors is an independent, regional firm of Chartered Building Surveyors offering detailed practical knowledge of buildings and construction from offices across the South West. Croft Surveyors are qualified to undertake Level Three Building Surveys, as well as Limited Building Surveys, designed to cover the main elements of a building. All buildings need cyclical repair and maintenance and we can produce planned maintenance schedules.

We can prepare detailed Schedules of Condition, incorporating both written and photographic evidence and can undertake snagging inspections, which are valuable for people purchasing new properties. We also specialise in the assessment of Mobile Homes. Croft Surveyors has a wealth of experience in the design and construction monitoring of both residential property and commercial premises.

We can design bespoke new developments tailored to your needs or develop sympathetic extensions or alterations to existing buildings. Our surveyors can advise on refurbishment, drawings and specification, planning, listed buildings, building regulations and contract administration.

read more › Croft Surveyors is an independent, regional firm of Chartered Building Surveyors with offices across the South West in Exeter, Taunton, Torquay and Totnes. Croft Surveyors has the skills you would expect of a quality firm of Chartered Building Surveyors, including detailed practical knowledge of buildings, construction and associated legislation that need a surveyor's input, but we also have extensive specialised experience to help meet the needs of our diverse client base, covering both residential and commercial property.

read more › Martin is studying to become a Chartered Building Surveyor after many years working in the West Country and the Midlands as an Asbestos Surveyor. Nick is a Chartered Building Surveyor (member of the RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). Peter is a Chartered Building Surveyor (Fellow of the RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). Robin is a Chartered Building Surveyor (member of the RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). Tony is a Chartered Building Surveyor (member of the RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

read more › A building survey can feel like an unnecessary expense, but it allows analysis of the building fabric, structure and condition (residential or commercial). All our surveys are carried out by experienced chartered building surveyors. Our most detailed survey, a Building Survey allows us time to see all of the significant building elements and to comment on defects, safety issues and options for maintenance in a comprehensive report that we hope will inform your purchase and act as a checklist for your future care of the building.

read more › Croft Surveyors has a wealth of experience in the design and construction monitoring or refurbishment of both residential property and commercial premises. We specialise in sympathetic yet stylish, bespoke house extensions, as well as commercial buildings that are designed to suit your requirements with a design you can be proud of. Every project we undertake receives the same level of detailed professional attention. So whether you are looking to extend, alter or modernise either your family home or your business premises, we are happy to advise on and bring together every step of the design and building process, at a price you can afford.

read more › To help you better visualise any design concepts we produce for you, we use our in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills to create high quality CAD drawings. These range from outline sketches to the highly detailed drawings required for planning and tender. We can also produce a full detailed specification, as part of the preparation process for a tender package.

read more › All commercial and residential building and maintenance projects require that you appoint a qualified CDM co-ordinator to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase with regard to health and safety. There are many advantages to using the same firm that undertakes the design and we are happy to quote for this service. The extent of our involvement in this role will vary from job to job, depending also on whether it is a domestic or commercial project. In practical terms this normally means assisting you (as the client) in identifying, obtaining and collating the pre-construction information, providing designers, the principal contractor and contractors with that information, , ensuring that designers comply with their duties and co-operate with each other, liaising with the principal contractor for the duration of the appointment and preparing the health and safety file, which we will pass to you at the conclusion of the project.

read more › For anyone considering a building project, an inevitable part of the procedure will be applying for planning permission. At your request, we are able to create a full planning application, together with all the necessary documentation to support it. We have considerable experience in successfully negotiating the planning process and can offer practical advice on all planning issues, including the frequently overlooked pre-planning consultation stage. When instigated correctly, this can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful application.

read more › Once any planning consents have been obtained, a new set of hurdles has to be overcome in the form of Building Regulations, which are a complex system of requirements put in place by the Government to ensure that all buildings are designed and constructed to a sufficient standard. As a matter of course we will always ensure that any new design/build/refurbishment project is compliant with necessary Building Regulations, without requiring major modification.

read more › One of the many benefits of using Croft Surveyors is that we are able to advise on every aspect of a project on your behalf using our Contract Administration services. This includes finding a competent and trustworthy builder to carry out the construction of your scheme for a fair price. We can undertake the tender/selection on your behalf and award the contract and then administer it through to completion.

read more › When it comes to property related disputes, Croft Surveyors has an outstanding track record in providing accurate expert witness reports (including Part 35 Civil Procedure Rules and Criminal Procedure Rules reports) and giving evidence in Court. We are recognised by individual organisations, including the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and the Expert Witness Institute, as competent experts and our surveyors are well respected by local and national law firms. We understand the Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules of the Court and can act as a sole party expert or a single joint expert.

read more › One of the key points to remember when intending to make alterations to a party wall or a boundary wall, or to build close to/on a boundary (up to a distance of 6 metres/20 feet away) is that it is vital to get expert advice as early as possible. Furthermore, you will undoubtedly need to formally notify your neighbour of any of your intentions - a requirement under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. By involving party wall specialists such as Croft Surveyors who are members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club (an organisation for party wall practitioners), we can help you gain additional space for your development and help avoid unnecessary confrontation with your neighbours.

read more › Dilapidations is the term used by solicitors and surveyors to describe the breaches of covenant and disrepair of a building for which the tenant is liable for during their tenancy and/or when their lease has ended. Our aim for landlords and tenants is to interpret the lease requirements fairly - but the requirements vary with each lease and each building. The right advice can make a difference of tens of thousands of pounds, and if you can contact us early (six months before the lease end is best) then this gives a tenant more opportunity to save cost and the landlord has more chance to get their building back in good repair without a prolonged dispute - we appreciate this is not always possible, however, and we can advise on strategy for landlord or tenant even after the lease end.

read more › Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, any building with more than five employees now needs a written FRA. This requires a responsible person to undertake an FRA of the business premises they have control over. As fire risk assessors, we can assess your building and identify the risks as a whole before recommending any mitigating measures. We are frequently asked to undertake FRAs after people have had a bad experience. They come to us because we provide practical, no-nonsense advice based on sound, professional building expertise.

read more › It is important that your building is correctly insured to cover the full cost of demolition and rebuilding. To ensure adequate coverage, an assessment of building reinstatement costs (known as a Reinstatement Cost Assessment) needs to be carried out by a qualified surveyor who will allow for specialist features, listed buildings and unusual sites to ensure that the right level of cover is achieved. The figure that the surveyor calculates should be the one for which the building is insured.

read more › We can work with your accountant to save you money by valuing your building and embedded plant. This can then be written off against taxable income. There have been many changes to the rules of capital allowances and you now need to elect a figure before you buy a property, so the accuracy of a pre-purchase assessment is extremely important. Small businesses should not miss the opportunity to offset expenditure on new plant and machinery and we can help them get it right from the outset.

read more › Obtaining an Expert report from one of our Chartered Surveyors can often help the parties to resolve a dispute without going to Court. If Court proceedings cannot be avoided, however, then we have Surveyors experienced in preparing Part 35 Civil Procedure Rules Compliant reports and we can appear at mediation, tribunal or Court as an Expert. We also have experience in preparation of Part 36 Criminal Procedure Rules reports and giving evidence in Criminal trials. If expert advice is sought early enough, these types of disputes can often be satisfactorily resolved without going to Court.

read more › We provide an individual tailored high quality service and our track record of satisfied clients speaks for itself with the testimonials that we have received. We enjoyed working with Martin Bowden. He has a friendly and open manner and this makes it straightforward to explain requirements. He has to be congratulated on successfully combining easy communications with great professionalism. He always listened thoughtfully, was focused and particular, careful to maintain a very high standard of workmanship throughout all stages of the project.

read more › We're here to help our customers, whether their needs are for commercial or residential property advice. Croft Surveyors has offices across the South West in Exeter, Taunton, Torquay, and Totnes enabling us to cover a wide geographical area, stretching from Cornwall through Devon and Somerset across to Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol and South Wales. It is usually necessary for us to inspect clients' properties, so our strategically positioned office bases enable us to carry out site visits efficiently.

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