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4 D Civil Engineering Surveying 4D Civil Engineering Surveying Ltd. offers comprehensive Site Engineering / Setting Out and Land Surveying services for Contractors, Consulting Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Private Clients throughout the South West. Based in Plymouth, Devon we aim to provide a cost effective and professional solution to a wide range of projects. Our fully qualified, experienced personnel are able to provide a reliable and practical approach using state of the art, integrated, surveying equipment and software solutions.

read more › 4D CES Ltd offer fully qualified Civil Engineering and Surveying personnel to provide a reliable, efficient and proactive approach to all Site Engineering, Setting Out and construction site activities. Robotic total stations, GPS/GNSS and digital levelling equipment are used to establish and maintain dimensional control on a wide variety of projects. Our integrated Survey / Software systems enable design data to be directly input to our survey instruments. We can take any design and quickly and accurately establish the design, on site to millimetre accuracy from data presented in a variety of formats.

read more › We are able to carry out Topographical Land Surveys to provide Architects, Designers, Consultants and Planners with an accurate representation of the area of interest showing all natural and man made features. Our experienced Surveyors, using the latest surveying equipment are able to capture field data, safely and reliably, providing survey plans to a high standard. Land Surveys can be carried out to existing, local grid systems and datums or to Ordnance Survey 'National Grid' coordinates. The finished survey can be presented either as a hard copy or in a variety of electronic formats.

read more › Digital terrain / surface models can be created from our own survey data or from information provided. These digital terrain models can be used to analyse material volumes - often critical in a projects design. Design model volumes can be computed prior to / during construction to aid project and commercial planning. Interim volumetric surveys can be carried out at anytime for valuation purposes. 4D CES Ltd regularly perform Mining Services Contract Surveys and volumetric analysis, utilising our in house UAV Survey team.

read more › Complex 3d surface models can be produced and installed onto automated machine guidance control sytems. 4D CES Ltd are able to create, manage and update the installed surface models including the creation of plant avoidance zones, changes to material thicknesses and real time analysis of operations. We have personel who are experienced in the preparation of data and ongoing management/trouble shooting of all proprietary systems.

read more › Highly detailed, georeferenced Orthomosaic Imagery and the production of dense grid surface models allow us to survey areas with unrivalled Speed, Safety and Accuracy. The ability to Survey upto 250 ha in a single day with no interruption to ground based operations offers a unique Surveying Solution. This solution is providing a reduction in time, cost and complexity of the survey operation whilst increasing Safety, accuracy and data interpretability. Data Output formats (Orthomosaic Imagery / Surface Model / Point Cloud) can be tailored for the end user, we are able to provide outputs compatible with all leading Land Survey and CAD packages.

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