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Dabinett Dabinett is a manchester based surveying company operating throughout the UK. We have a proven track record in providing both professional and project led building surveying advice. We deliver professional property advice to a range of clients, ranging from building surveys, new build developments, refurbishment and dilapidations advice.

As lead consultants we have an impressive supply chain of professional practices we collaborate with, allowing us to act as a single point of contact for clients with complex requirements.The existing roof to the building comprised of a timber roof, with timber joists, sterling board/OSB and. During fire risk assessments being undertaken voids were found between floors where services ran through the building.

Formed in 2012 by established experienced Chartered Surveyors seeking to return to traditional values. Our ethos is to provide high quality, but cost-effective, services to an expanding client base of satisfied existing clients and a growing number of new customers.

Dabinett was formed by Chartered Surveyors in 2012 who, having spent many years working for a national multidisciplinary surveying firm, recognised the opportunity to be able to provide the experience that comes from working for a large practice, but with the benefits of personal attention to detail and value for money. Very quickly the practice has

Our commercial property surveyors act on behalf of many of the largest companies in the country, along with many small companies and individuals. Our experience in the commercial property sector gives us a great deal of knowledge, allowing us to advise clients on all aspects of commercial building surveying. We have worked on properties ranging from

Property acquisition is one of the most significant costs for many companies and investors. The acquisition may be for the client to occupy on a freehold basis, leasehold or as an investment. Understanding the condition of the property and the potential costs in the future is crucial. Without a good commercial building survey, there is potential for

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) demand proper management of large commercial construction projects. These encompass repair and maintenance projects, internal refurbishments and new build construction. The Regulations apply to build projects of all sizes, including small residential works. These Regulations are intended

Buying or leasing a property in need of conversion or refurbishment can, if costs are properly controlled, save significant sums or offer good opportunities to make good profits. We can advise on the cost and time needed for conversion or refurbishment. Buildings use changes over time, this can involve a complete change of use or simply changes due

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