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Allcott Associates Allcott Associates is one of the country's leading providers of comprehensive, high-quality RICS building surveys and HomeBuyer reports. Our in-house team of RICS Chartered Surveyors and Structural Engineers are here to help you understand your property and move home with confidence. It is important to remember that your mortgage lender's valuation report is not a survey.

It just tells your lender whether or not the property is reasonable security for your loan. Sometimes, the valuation is done without anyone visiting the property. Our RICS surveys are comprehensive assessments of the property condition and any defects, and provide detailed technical and structural advice. Our reports are written in straightforward language with photos throughout, and our surveyors are happy to answer any questions you have.

Your report will also include associated repair cost - vital information that can be invaluable during price negotiations, and will also help you avoid expensive surprises after you have moved in.

read more › Allcott Associates LLP is a highly respected and trusted independent building consultancy. Our philosophy is to provide a full service, offering specialist expertise from one company. This reduces our customers' costs significantly when compared to buying the individual services from various sources. We have quality and experienced engineers who undertake our initial diagnosis, plus cost control throughout the life of the claim. Our IT systems are always up-to-date and we embrace changes in technology as this not only boosts employee morale but shines through to our clients too.

read more › Timothy is a Partner of Allcott Associates LLP and the driver behind its growth from a small firm of building surveyors in the Midlands to a countrywide residential, commercial and valuations practice to be reckoned with. Timothy started his career as a building surveyor at Watts PLC, an international firm of property consultants, before gaining chartered status with the RICS, and later, membership with CIOB and CABE. He still oversees growth and development of the practice, as well as researching new business opportunities and making sure that the company stays abreast of the latest developments in surveying.

read more › RICS surveys are essentially property health checks. They are detailed inspections that check a property's condition and structure. If you are buying a home, you can choose between 3 levels of survey: a Full Building Survey (also known as a Level 3, or 'Full Structural' survey) a HomeBuyer Survey (Level 2) or a Condition Survey (Level 1). Knowing what you are buying can even save you money. Your report can be used to negotiate the price of the property and will help you decide whether to proceed with the purchase.

read more › If you are buying a property, knowing the property's faults and understanding the cost of repairs allows you to negotiate on the purchase price of the property. If you are selling a property, the survey report can allow you to identify any issues that may cause a sale to fall through. Also known as a 'Level 3' or ' Full Structural' survey, an RICS Full Building Survey is the most detailed type of survey. In short, it is the gold standard. Industry guidelines recommend this type of survey if your property is large, old, has some disrepair or has unusual features.

read more › HomeBuyer surveys (also known as 'Level 2' surveys) provide an inspection by an RICS Chartered Surveyor of the areas of a property that are easily accessible. The surveyor looks for visible problems that are serious, dangerous or that could affect the property value. However, the structural integrity of the property is not examined in detail, nor are defects that are down to wear and tear. The report will include an overview of required property maintenance and will give you an idea of whether repairs are needed, but it will not discuss the repair options and associated costs.

read more › A Specific Defect Survey (also known as a Specific Structural Survey or Specific Structural Inspection) is used to assess a particular problem with a property's structure or condition. Any related building matters which are found during the inspection will also be covered. The survey goes into a similar level of detail to a Full Building Survey, but does not cover the whole property, just the specific area of concern. Specific Defect Surveys are suitable if you believe that the rest of the property is sound, but you have concerns about one aspect.

read more › A 'Full Structural Survey' is exactly the same as a Level 3 Building Survey. They are in-depth inspections of the condition of a property that provide tailored advice on any issues that the building and grounds have, alongside guidance on the repairs and maintenance that will be required. A Building Survey is normally carried out by an RICS Chartered Surveyor. A Structural Survey on the other hand (not to be confused with a 'Full Structural Survey', which is the same thing as a Building Survey) is often carried out by a Structural Engineer.

read more › If you have bought a house using Help to Buy, HomeBuy Direct or similar shared equity schemes, you may need an RICS valuation. A valuation is required when a shared ownership property, such as one purchased through Help to Buy, is sold or re-mortgaged. Such valuations let all parties know how much money their share of the property is worth. You will also need a valuation if you want to repay your loan or purchase the remaining equity. RICS valuations are also useful if you wish to take advantage of a Right to Buy scheme.

read more › Help to Buy is a government scheme that allows purchasers meeting certain criteria to share ownership of their new home with the government. If you have purchased a home using this scheme, you will need to get an independent valuation when you come to sell the house or repay the government loan. Unlike mortgages from banks, the help to buy scheme loans you a proportion of the property's value, rather than a set amount of money. The amount that needs to be repaid depends on the value of the property at that moment in time.

read more › Shared ownership valuations are required if you have bought a home using a shared ownership scheme and later wish to sell the property or purchase more shares in it. Help to Buy is one example of such a scheme; here, we cover valuations other similar schemes that are in use. When equity in a house is split, ownership is usually shared with a housing association. Different housing associations have different rules regarding selling properties or repaying loads. There are, however, some points which most have in common.

read more › Council and housing association tenants meeting certain criteria have the Right to Buy their home and to get a Right to Buy discount on the purchase price. When you apply to your landlord for Right to Buy, they will send you an offer letter containing their valuation of the property. The letter will also include an overview of the property condition and any structural defects. A Right to Buy valuation from an independent RICS Registered Valuer allows you to check if the landlord's valuation is fair and accurate.

read more › Our chartered structural engineers provide residential engineering services for homeowners, purchasers, investors and tenants across England and Wales. If you are planning any structural alterations, whether it's removing a wall that might be load-bearing, installing bi-fold doors or building a complex extension, you are likely to need a structural engineer. Our structural engineers can provide beam calculations, structural designs, roof calculations, load assessments and more - everything you need to ensure that your project is built safely, on time, on budget and in line with building regulations.

read more › Whether you're having an extension, carrying out a loft conversion, installing bi-fold doors or carrying out other structural works, we can provide beam design and calculations to meet your needs. Our Chartered Structural Engineers are experts in design, drawings and calculations for single-steel and multi-steel beam/RSJ calculations, column and padstone design, structural ridge and wind post calculations and steel fabrication drawings. If you are making significant alterations or extensions to your property, you are likely to need to install supporting beams (usually RSJs/I-beams) and connections between new and old beams.

read more › If you are thinking of installing solar panels, you may require structural roof calculations to determine the load capacity of the roofs. Solar panels may have an impact on your home's structure. Most significantly, solar panels will increase the load on your existing roof structure. It is therefore necessary to contact a structural engineer who can conduct load capacity calculations to determine whether the roof can support the new load. Our engineers will determine whether the roof structure can take the extra weight of the solar panels and will provide certification.

read more › With 13 offices spread across England, your nearest RICS chartered surveyor is never far away. By using in-house employees with local knowledge, we ensure that our surveys and reports are high-quality and relevant to your area. Our in-house chartered Structural Engineers are also on-hand to provide advice on any defects, so we won't refer you to a third party for structural evaluations.

read more › RICS Full Building Surveys (also referred to as 'full structural surveys') are the industry's gold standard. They allow you to get a complete understanding of a property, so that you can be sure that you know what you are buying and, crucially, how much you would be willing to pay for it. A Full Building Survey from our Birmingham Chartered Surveyors will provide a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the building's condition. In addition, the in-house structural engineers in our team are able to expertly assess any structural issues, meaning that your report will include detailed technical advice where relevant.

read more › Our RICS building surveys across the Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset regions are designed to give you a thorough insight into the condition and structural integrity of your property. A full building survey (sometimes referred to as a 'full structural survey') looks at every possible aspect of the building. Our experienced locally-based surveyors cover a region stretching from Tewkesbury down to Weston-Super-Mare and across to the Mendip towns of Shepton Mallet and Wells. A full building survey will cover everything from serious structural defects to general wear and tear, helping you avoid costly repairs.

read more › Our Cambridge team of RICS chartered surveyors specialise in carrying out full building surveys (RICS Level 3 surveys) for people looking to purchase a new house or apartment. Covering Cambridge and nearby towns such as Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich, our surveyors have excellent local knowledge and years of experience in residential property. Our survey reports are some of the most detailed in the industry, so you can be sure that your survey will show you everything you need to know about the property that you are looking to buy.

read more › A Full Building Survey is the most thorough survey type, and provides a complete investigation of all areas of the property that our Leamington Spa surveyors are able to access. You will receive detailed advice on both major problems and wear and tear issues, including estimates of the costs to fix any ndefects. The structural integrity of the property is examined in detail and our structural engineers can advise you if there is anything of concern. Our reports are industry-leading - comprehensive and detailed, with photos throughout.

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