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Invar Mapping Surveys, a Land Surveying company founded by Iain Macdonald in 1979, has been supplying mapping and engineering services to the design, construction and property industries for 40 years. From our base in the beautiful Shropshire Hills just south of Shrewsbury, we have continually demonstrated our passion for providing surveying services.

Our experienced staff have worked on many varied projects and only provide the highest quality of work. We work both locally and nationwide, and guarantee to provide you with a competitive quote. We work for a large number of clients on a regular basis - from large building developers all over the country to small one-off local surveys. We are just as keen to work on small projects as we are on larger projects.

When considering any form of change to any specific piece of land or property, the first step is to provide a high quality, accurate, up to date plan of the area. This is called a Topographical (topographic or topo) survey. These plans must be accurate, showing every piece of detail to a specific scale. The survey must then be presented in a form that

Measured Building Surveys should not be confused with Building Surveys undertaken by Building Surveyors. Building Surveyors diagnose and test building performance, they understand architectural styles and historical building methods, obtain planning consents, organise construction work and manage people and processes. A Measured Building Survey is the

A site survey is used to collect data about the topography of a site and is presented as a plan or drawing. Setting out is the reverse process of a site survey. Setting out involves extraction of data from a drawing and accurately marking out the drawing features on the ground. This can be in the form of earth works, sewers, road works, bridges, steelwork

Employing the latest non-invasive techniques to detect position and provide depth information on pipes, cables and drainage services. Utilising conventional cable location tools such as electro-detection equipment, we also employ Ground Penetrating Radar techniques to locate plastic pipes, voids, fibre optics and other underground anomalies. The saying

Hydrographical Surveys, as the name suggests, are the water based equivalent of Land Surveys. They can be surveys of water courses, open water, in-shore or off-shore. Like Land Surveys they depict topography or land form but of the river bed, sea bed, lake bed and associated features - river bank & flood plain. At Invar Mapping we undertake a variety

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