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Home Inspector Services When you meet Jeff, within a very short period of time you realise that this isn't just a job to him. Jeff's company, Home Inspector Services (HIS) is the embodiment of years of experience, intellect and common sense. Jeff takes his role very seriously and knows the advice he gives his clients will undoubtedly decide the outcome of a house purchase, renovation or financial commitment for what is ultimately someone's home or livelihood.

HIS is an independent practice run by Jeff Scott, a Chartered Construction Manager/ Surveyor with over 30 years experience in construction now providing professional surveying services and property advice. Why Choose HIS? Being an independent surveyor and not linked to any lender or estate agency I can provide truly independent advice that can only really be obtained from a small private surveying practice.

I have been a surveyor for 8 years, previously 29 years as a Project Manager and have experience in valuation and building surveying of residential and commercial property.

Building surveyors offer professional advice on all factors affecting existing buildings such as building defects, alterations, renovations and extensions. They work mostly on site to monitor the performance of structures and devise ways to improve them or correct flaws in their design. Surveyors work alongside local planning bodies, clients, construction

Specific Defect Surveys - Sometimes you may find a problem or issue you are concerned about within your home. You could ask a builder for an opinion but you may prefer to obtain an independent report from a building surveyor in which case the Specific Defect Report may well suit your requirements. Problems such as mould on walls, timber decay and damp

The Home Condition Survey [HCS] offer a number of key advantages over any other type of buyer's survey on the market be it a Home buyers survey, Building survey, Condition survey etc. The HCS is carried out by a specialist residential surveyor. These are surveyors whose primary job is looking at houses. Hence they are "experienced in the issues that

What are the important differences between a Home Condition Survey and the regular surveys made by banks and building societies?. The survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor who is trained in domestic buildings and their problems. Public Liability insurance cover is held by the certification scheme and not the individual surveyor and therefore

Home Inspector - licensed to produce full HCRs, a component of which would include an EPC. Home Inspectors need to hold the Diploma in Home Inspection and be registered with a Home Inspector Certification Scheme. Surveyors and Valuers Association: Sister organisation of NHER, providing software, training, assessment and business services for Home Inspectors

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