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Hendersons Chartered Surveyors As a firm, we are committed to providing services dedicated to the needs of our clients. Our in-house expertise ranges from rural valuations to compensation and compulsory purchase, and from planning and development to radio masts and energy projects. The Compensation Team have extensive experience and detailed knowledge of the laws and procedures covering Compulsory Purchase and Compensation.

Hendersons Chartered Surveyors can help in providing detailed advice to landowners and developers on a wide range of issues and opportunities. You will receive the highest standards of advice and support from the Professional Team at Hendersons Chartered Surveyors. An increasingly important role for the landowner and developer - Hendersons Energy Team are at the forefront of developments across the UK.

Hendersons sell and market new development residential properties and potential development plots. See what we currently have on the market.

Hendersons Chartered Surveyors are based in Milnathort, Kinross in the heart of rural Perthshire and was established in 1991 by Eddie and Janice Henderson. Having successfully achieved a professional and distinguished reputation within the agricultural marketplace, Hendersons astute business practice subsequently allowed growth into new and exciting

Edward C. Henderson is the Managing Partner of Hendersons Chartered Surveyors, having founded the practice in 1991. Edward has a wide wealth of experience across the rural sector but with recognised specialism in Compulsory Purchase, Valuation, Agricultural landlord tenant and Planning & Development. As an expert valuer, he has represented clients at

Hendersons specialist agricultural experience aims to guide you through this increasingly complex area of agricultural law and practice. The majority of companies will approach landowners with a list of standard terms - however, our experience has shown that significant improvements to these terms can be achieved through professional negotiation. Coal

Compulsory Purchase and entitlement to compensation arise in a number of situations. This could be for a new road scheme or for the route of a new pipeline. It is important that the landowner seeks professional advice when initially informed of a compulsory purchase or potential notice. Our vast experience in this area of professional work allows us

Hendersons pride themselves on their proven track record of working with landowners and the development sector to maximise development opportunities be it for land and/or property thereby ensuring that they maximise the return on their asset. The service we provide covers everything from potential single plots, developer options on land, mineral agreements

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