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Building Survey London Building Survey London provide a rapid response leak detection, structural and water damage survey, and water damage repair service in and around London. Our water damage services in London and the home counties range from ultrasound and thermal imaging leak detection, damp surveys, mould surveys and treatment, to water damage restoration and structural repair.

From a leaking or burst water pipe, a roof leak causing minor to major water damage, to extensive fire damage restoration or property renovation. Our highly experienced professional teams can handle any size project, big or small. Our forensic water damage report services provides documentation that can be used for insurance purposes as well as for legal purposes.

We aim to carry out any and all works with the minimum of disruption to you, your business, or family. Building Survey London is a service brought to you by Building Response Ltd. Our aim is to provide a rapid response to your water damage or fire damage needs, providing you with all of the evidence and paperwork you may require, and a highly effective emergency building repairs and restoration service.

Building pathology involves the holistic investigation of building integrity and failures or faults from several varying perspectives, taking in to account all actual and potential contributory surrounding variables with the aim of establishing, as well as ruling out, cause and effect. The reasons why you would require a building pathology specialist

Our water damage restoration and structural drying technicians are qualified to assess your water damaged property, all affected materials and determine if they and the environment are certifiable as dry; to issue an IICRC S500 compliant Certificate of Dryness. The ANSI/ IICRC S500-2015 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration is a procedural

A Certificate of Sanitisation detects the presence of mould and fungal growth in the air, on surfaces, and within the materials of your dwelling. Lengthy periods of exposure to damp, mildew and mould growth can often cause the failure of building materials and surface finishes. For example discolouration and staining to decorated walls and ceilings

Damp affecting your commercial or domestic property should be investigated by an independent surveyor without a vested interest in your damp survey findings. This is so you receive a thorough and unbiased report on the true extent of the damage. When investigating dampness, mould, water damage, or fungal decay, the independence of the surveyors can

Energy efficiency is the management of your existing energy consumption, as well as the limitation of future growth. If a building or appliance delivers more service, for the same input of energy, or the same level of service with a decrease in energy input, its efficiency is seen as being improved. An energy efficiency survey will assess and advise

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