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AWM Surveyors Limited provides inspection and consultancy services to the construction industry throughout the UK to numerous clients incorporating a diverse mix of public and private building operators. Within the private sector we work extensively in the management of commercial, retail & sporting venues. Within the public sector we conduct inspections, surveys and works in various establishments from schools to hospitals.

While we are fortunate to have a varied client base, we specialise in serving the insurance sector, major UK retailers and Contractors, in the risk management of buildings and construction projects. AWM Surveyors has extensive experience in auditing and inspecting buildings around Europe, from major sporting stadiums to single houses. In fact, to date, we have conducted in excess of 3,000 surveys and inspections.

We audit and inspect construction projects on a day-to-day basis, specialising in all aspects of the external fabric buildings. Our expertise is well recognised throughout the UK and internationally with AWM Surveyors boasting a client roster ranging from blue-chip UK corporations right through to multinationals and some of the biggest global insurance companies.

read more › The traditional role of a full-time clerk of works on a construction site has diminished within the industry, yet the correct installation of products remains key to the long term assurance and performance of a building throughout its life. Any errors in installation can prove costly to correct at a later date, result in accelerated ageing of the build and can increase building operational costs in areas such as heating due to poor or ineffective air sealing. Our on-site assurance quality inspections are utilised by large main contractors and retailers throughout the UK, as a key function in providing expert feedback to the client and peace of mind to the end user.

read more › From larger scale industrial and commercial properties to smaller residential dwellings AWM Surveyors can provide you with an independent condition report of the external building fabric including all types - pitch and flat roofing, wall cladding, facades, curtain walling, block, render and glazing. Our vast experience in all types of external building fabrics coupled with an extensive database of standard details and historical data allows us to gauge how a building fabric should react to weather, environmental pressures and building usage.

read more › There are a multitude of cladding and facade materials used in today's market from timber to composite materials. The most common cladding systems installed are prefabricated non-load bearing panels which are typically secured directly to the building structure or additional support frame. Although non-load bearing the cladding has a vital role in transferring loads such as wind and snow back to the structural framework. No matter what the system they all serve the purpose to weather the building, providing the required aesthetic finish and, in most cases, provide thermal properties.

read more › Electronic Leak Detection is the most common method of non-destructive testing on flat roof systems. It works on the principal that the structural roof deck is an electrical conductor and the waterproofing membrane is an electrical insulator. There are two typical methods employed in the testing of roof membrane, the 'wet' and 'dry' testing. We utilise the latest testing equipment fully serviced, calibrated and certified from the leading manufacturer of testing equipment in the UK. By moving the Electronic Leak Detection equipment over the test area an experienced technician can pinpoint areas of entrapped moisture, pinholes in the material and damaged welded laps.

read more › The monitoring and maintenance of a roofing system is an important part of their management to ensure they perform long term and often forms part of roofing product manufacturers guarantee requirements. Roof areas are often overlooked as they are an 'unseen' area, and by undertaking a maintenance regime with AWM Surveyors we are able to assist you in correct maintenance of a roofing system, meeting guarantee obligations and providing you with invaluable feedback on your roofing system performance.

read more › Utilising the latest technology is essential to providing the client with effective and cost-efficient results. Where initial investigations into building defects or summary conditions are required, the use of this type of surveying technique can be a valuable tool to clients providing a more cost-effective means to meet their initial needs. AWM Surveyors utilise high resolution cameras coupled with lightweight mast technology reaching up to 10m to provide relevant high-resolution imagery and video.

read more › AWM Surveyors were proud to be involved in the successful completion of a 300,000 sq ft warehouse and office development. Our role as quality control consultant for the roofing and cladding involved working with the client on specification development, review of construction drawings and twice weekly site inspections of the building externals to ensure that the specified products were those installed in line with the approved construction details to the highest of standards. The external roofing and cladding of many industrial and commercial units of the 80's and 90's is approaching the end of its serviceable life, many building owners are seeking cost effective solutions to bring new life to this aging building stock.

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