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Sussex Surveyors We are approachable, independent, local, surveyors. We use our knowledge to protect property purchasers and owners against unforeseen risks and uninformed decisions. Sussex Surveyors are a friendly team of Chartered Surveyors with excellent knowledge of property and market condition throughout Sussex. With offices in Brighton, Haywards Heath and Eastbourne we service the whole of Sussex - hence our name!

We draw on our extensive experience in property matters and our local expertise in property valuation meaning you can negotiate your purchase with peace of mind assured. We believe that all our reports should be written in plain English, free from jargon and where technical terms are used, we include a helpful glossary and house diagram included within our reports.

We combine our expertise with professionalism and high-end customer service at all times. Building SurveysA Building Survey is usually recommended by surveyors for older properties, where previous alterations and additions have been made as well as properties of unusual construction.

read more › Sussex Surveyors LLP is a partnership formed by three independent Chartered Surveyors with offices in Brighton, Haywards Heath and Eastbourne. We're independent of any other surveying company, financial institution or estate agency so you can be assured of impartial, prompt and professional advice from all of our friendly, qualified staff. We have strict quality control procedures in place for all of our work so you're guaranteed the best possible service at all times. All of our surveyors are up-to-date with the Continuing Professional Development requirements of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and we also run a full RICS complaints procedure should this be required.

read more › A Building Survey is recommended by surveyors for older properties or where previous alterations and additions have been carried out. This survey includes a detailed description of the construction of the property, inspection of all main building components including each room, as well as all roofs, floors, walls, windows, services, finishes, grounds and boundaries. An Insurance Reinstatement Cost and a market valuation can be included for an additional fee. Our Surveyor will highlight the need for repair, specify remedial work and often provide approximate costs.

read more › A HomeBuyer Report is a survey that will highlight any problems a property might have and that could cause damage and might need repairs in the future. The main purpose of the HomeBuyer Report is to uncover any issues that might impact the property value and need further investigation. A HomeBuyer Report is worth investing in if you want peace of mind about purchasing a property, even when it appears to be in reasonable condition. It can also give you a bargaining position with the seller on the price and you can agree with them that they complete all repairs highlighted in the report before you move in.

read more › Major Defects Surveys are useful reports when clients are proposing to take a full repairing lease of commercial premises or buying the freehold, where they wish to know the major points that are likely to be a possible financial burden in the years to come. This type of report usually excludes reference to services, decorations and internal fittings, the condition of which is often quite obvious to an intending commercial purchaser or lessee. A Major Defects Survey report is tailored to the subject property; providing insight into defects, remedies, maintenance issues, timescales and an estimate of budget for repairs.

read more › Most commercial property leases require an outgoing tenant to return the property in the condition it was in at the start of the lease. Without this the landlord could require a commercial property tenant to do work that was unnecessary and would put the property in a better condition at the end of the lease than it was at the beginning. With the cost normally amounting to a few hundred pounds at the start, a Schedule of Condition can save a lot of unnecessary expense and discussion at the end of a lease - particularly when the landlord may have a rental deposit from you that they're withholding unless you do unnecessary work to the property!

read more › Buying a property will probably be one of the biggest decisions of your life. When looking to buy, no doubt you will have looked at a lots of places and spent time on various websites seeing what other houses have sold for in the area? You'll probably be thinking that you have a good feel for the market and therefore the right amount you should be paying, right? However, can you be sure that there isn't something about the property that means - maybe subconsciously - that your excitement about purchasing has clouded your judgement a little and you might be paying too much?

read more › Property valuations are assessments of a property's value and are based on the condition of the property, the location and other factors. Sussex Surveyors property valuation reports are formed of a report in plain English with accompanying notes and photographs to make it easy for you to understand. A Valuation Report is a brief and concise report with the main intention of providing a valuation of the property. Major problems should be noted but advice and future implications of failures aren't included in the report.

read more › We can help answer these and other questions you might have about extending your lease or buying your freehold. David Aspey BLE, MRICS has been carrying out lease extension valuations and dispensing general advice for over 20 years in the locality. While he has appeared before tribunals giving expert witness testimony, his day to day work deals with producing valuations and negotiating lease extensions on an informal basis, 'outside of the Act'. He is an active member of ALEP (Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners) and regularly attends meetings held by The Leasehold Forum.

read more › Defects in buildings may occur as a result of natural wear and tear to the property or from defective workmanship or materials used in the construction process. Damage to a building may also be caused as a result of works carried out by an adjoining owner or someone employed by them. Increasingly property owners require defect diagnosis advice so that they can recommended repairs from a professional with estimates from a building contractor. Sussex Surveyors are able to provide this service at reasonable cost.

read more › Specification of works are essential for the refurbishment, repair or alteration to any type of property. When this document is prepared properly the contractor knows what is expected of them helping to avoid possible conflicts later. Sussex Surveyors are experienced in preparing specification of works documents as well as overseeing the specified works. Our building surveying team prepare specifications of works to comprehensively scope out works that are required on a project for purposes of contractor's tendering and for ongoing reference during the project management of works by the professional team and on-site contractors.

read more › Property owners sometimes neglect to calculate the actual rebuilding cost when arranging buildings insurance cover. It is their responsibility to insure for the correct rebuilding cost value, to avoid being underinsured and prevent penalties in the event of claims that exceed the insured value. Over the years we have assessed a wide variety of both commercial and residential properties. Most insurance underwriters require a professional valuation of a building's rebuilding cost following total destruction.

read more › Other works may also apply under the act, such as work within 3 metres of the boundary and sometimes if the work is within 6 metres of the boundary. Typical works that apply under the Party Wall Act include extensions, loft conversions, basement conversions and removal of chimney breasts. Other works may also apply under the Act to a detached property such as work within 3 metres of the boundary and in some circumstances if the work is within 6 metres of the boundary. It should be noted that the intention of the Act is not to stop you from completing your proposed building works, in fact quite the opposite.

read more › No property can be sold, let or built without an Energy Performance Certificate being made available to potential buyers and tenants. Sussex Surveyors are qualified to complete these on all types of commercial properties. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates how energy efficient your building is using grades from A to G (with 'A' the most efficient grade). As local, Sussex-based assessors, we are available to answer any questions you may have regarding this requirement and as Chartered Surveyors we can assess the property in greater detail and use actual data rather than just taking 'default' values.

read more › Expert evidence can be required in disputes across land, property and construction. Sussex Surveyors expert witnesses are able to assist on the matters within their expertise across areas including building surveying, commercial property, compulsory purchase, dilapidations, planning, development, retail and valuation. Clients and their solicitors will come to us in respect of general valuation advice for Court purposes under the Civil Procedure Rules. All qualified surveyors in Sussex Surveyors can provide advice in respect of disputes for negotiation or Court purposes.

read more › Sussex Surveyors were appointed by the Adjoining Owner (neighbour) to a development of around 100 flats in the centre of Brighton. The notifiable works involved excavating to form the foundation of the new block of flats, less than a metre from the Adjoining Owners property. Damage had occurred with dampness penetrating into the property, leading to the property being considered uninhabitable. The property in question was a residential investment property. Through our knowledge of the Party Wall Act we were able to not only have the property repaired but the Adjoining Owner was also reimbursed for the lost rental income while the property was vacant.

read more › Sussex Surveyors carried out a HomeBuyer Report on a timber frame property built in 1997 with part brick and wood effect external cladding beneath a pitch tiled roof. The property was situated on Seaford seafront and, on first appearance, was considered to be presented and maintained to a high standard. Due to the coastal location, however, the property was exposed to periods of horizontal, wind driven rain which often contains salt. As a result of these conditions, a common issue is that the double-glazing units fail (misting between the panes); the metal moving parts corrode thus meaning the windows do not open or shut.

read more › For over 30 years, I have surveyed some weird and wonderful houses but until last year I had yet to climb into a wobbly punt to pole my way across a mill pond looked on anxiously by the vendor! Such exploits were necessary to gain access to the voids and old mill races under the house which may have been harbouring hitherto unseen defects. The mill was built adjoining the Adur in the 16th century and over the centuries must have been witness to many visitors from land or river. Remarkably, it had stood the test of time despite being flooded in 2013 due to a failure of a sluice gate down river.

read more › It is fair to say that many flatbuyers pay little attention to the consequences of the lease terms of their intended purchase. Sometimes it can be 'the right flat in the right area for the right money'. Many buyers, however, are in for a shock when years after moving in and after possibly putting the property back on the market for sale, they are told the lease is too short for most lenders to regard as a suitable security and the price of an extension (or premium) is likely to be considerable.

read more › One of the enjoyable aspects of our work is to be involved in the repair and redecoration of tired and neglected buildings. While life on the coast can be bracing for the owners of property, for the buildings themselves it is a harsh environment being exposed to the worst of the weather. The degree of exposure to the elements can be comparable to living in the Shetlands! In one recent case of a Regency block on Brighton seafront, we consulted closely with all occupants and during our inspection listed their concerns and those we found - mostly relating to historic dampness.

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