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Osbourn White Osbourn White Ltd was set up in 2011 and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Our clients are predominantly based in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex but we are happy to serve clients outside these areas. We offer different levels of services, both building surveying works and non-building surveying services. We hope that you will have a positive experience with our website and look forward to hearing from you.

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read more › Osbourn White Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services, including planning and surveyors services to provide you with the reassurance of professional support regardless of the nature of your project. Our staff are experienced in their respective field and undertake appropriate training to ensure that guidance given is accurate. However, Osbourn White Ltd is not a firm of solicitors and cannot give clients legal advice. Information given is intended to be guidance only and clients are advised to obtain independent legal advice on their specific issue.

read more › You may be considering extending your home to create a playroom for the children. Or you might want to convert your garage into a study or an office. We can help you with completing the application form, preparing drawings to be submitted, and assist you with appeals against adverse decisions by the Planning Authority. You might have found the perfect site for a property development project but need a bit of help with the designs. For whatever reason, you may not be in position to manage the project yourself.

read more › Buying a home is probably one of the most substantial purchases we will make in our lives. Repair costs can run into thousands of pounds. Some properties are obviously in good condition and some of us may live in a property for many years without any problems. However, should we take our chances and rely on luck before we commit to spending our hard earned money to buy a property? A pre-purchase survey often forms a very small portion of the purchase price of the property, and knowing that there aren't hidden or unexpected problems with the property can give us peace of mind.

read more › Disputes between neighbours have to be disclosed when you need or want to sell your home. If neighbour and property disputes have to be settled in court, this can cost property owners thousands of pounds in legal costs. We can offer guidance on your rights and obligations as a property owner, and assist you to settle disputes between neighbours or property owners. Osbourn White Ltd regularly deals with disputes between landlords and their tenants. We offer clients informed guidance on your rights and obligations, especially in relation to repair and maintenance of the tenanted property.

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