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JMA Chartered Surveyors JMA Chartered Surveyors is the professional arm of a family property investment business set up in 1969 by John Bacon LLB ACMA. John's son, Andrew Bacon, left the Valuation Office Agency in 1991, primarily to take over the expansion of the retail and residential investment side. But, initially, there were some rating appeals made on some of the family's shops that he had to deal with but this created an increasing demand for rating services.

That culminated in the Inns of Court rating test case in 1999, where Andrew dealt with appeals covering 20 acres of prime London Offices, securing 70% reductions. Rapid expansion followed with thousands of clients' across London and the South East and JMA regularly winning big cases at the Valuation Tribunal and the Lands Tribunal.

Indeed we were the first firm to have an appeal heard at Valuation Tribunal under the 2017 rating list procedures in London (won) and will be the first to have full cases heard before the Upper Tribunal.JMA has also been called upon to deal with points of law both at Valuation Tribunal and Upper Tribunal that have wider implications to business in general.

read more › JMA are recognised as business rates specialists and we have saved our clients' tens of millions of pounds. All cases are dealt with directly by our principal, Andrew Bacon Bsc(Hons) MRICS APAWE, who has 30 years rating experience and has appeared before the Valuation Tribunal and Lands Tribunal as Advocate and Expert Witness on legal and valuation matters. This procedure requires you to put forward a professional and complete legal and valuation argument as to why a reduction should be given and then defend your case against counter arguments from the Valuation Office Agency (HMRC).

read more › JMA are uniquely placed to deal with rent review negotiations as our Rating Appeal work has given us access to large databases of rental evidence. This enables us to work out the Market Rent for a property quickly and easily which is key to being in a strong negotiating position. As we are RICS trained Expert Witnesses, when negotiations fail we are also best placed to present evidence before any independent Third Party. When your lease comes to an end, the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 will often give you the right to a new lease on the same terms at Market Rent.

read more › Where a commercial property value dispute cannot be resolved it is usually referred to either an Independent Expert, Arbitrator, Court or Tribunal. Whether you win or lose will often be down to the skill of your representatives and winning or losing can have a big financial impact. Our managing Director, Andrew Bacon Bsc(Hons) MRICS, has 30 years experience of appearing as Expert Witness and Advocate at Lower Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and in Court. JMA was also a litigant in the "Simpsons Malt" Upper Tribunal case from 2017 that was to do with protecting the rights of ratepayers at Lower Tribunal and we were the only litigants that suggested that the Denton White principles should apply.

read more › Accurate and impartial advice on the rental or capital value of a commercial property is vital to ensuring that you do not make a costly mistake when buying, selling or renting a commercial property. This means that they will be better researched and prepared than most Valuations and that can be seen in how frequently Courts and Tribunal's favour our evidence over the other side. While the bulk of our reports are for litigation, we also provide separate Valuation Reports for clients to help them in making key buying/selling/leasing decisions as well as for accounting purposes.

read more › As we are also commercial property owners, investors and developers, we can provide a wide range of advice and guidance to businesses in their wider property decisions including relocation, investments, disposals and general property management. Moreover as we often manage property litigation for our clients, sometimes directly instructing and managing Counsel, we can also provide strategic advice than can help clients' avoid costly mistakes. General consultancy work is billed at our standard hourly rate of 275-300 per hour plus VAT.

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