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WELCOME to John Phillips Chartered Land Surveyors, a professional surveying practice successfully serving clients in the UK and overseas since 1989, providing a range of spatial solutions to legal, commercial and general public clients. The practice specialises in boundary disputes and demarcation whilst also having significant experience of topographic, engineering, hydrographic and GPS surveying.

Please take the time to navigate through this site to see the full range of services that we offer. We offer initial consultancy and can conduct an accurate site survey and investigation to produce a large scale plan suitable for inclusion in an expert report. We can provide surveying solutions for your topographic, hydrographic, engineering, measured building and GPS requirements.

If you are concerned about your boundary it is likely that you believe it is in the wrong position. In such circumstances, if at all possible, it would be best to try and resolve the matter amicably with your neighbour with the intention of avoiding unnecessary conflict and personal expense. Unfortunately this may not always be possible, either because

A land owner may become unnecessarily concerned about his boundaries due to misinterpreting the information on the Title Register and Title Plan that are available form the Land Registry for every registered property in England and Wales. The Title Plan shows the 'general boundary' position it does not determine the exact line of a boundary. The accuracy

These surveys are typically for the purpose of mapping, planning, design, 3D modelling and volume analysis. Clients typically consist of architects, civil engineers, utility companies, local authorities, private and commercial property developers. Precision terrestrial and GPS instruments are utilized to rapidly capture data for bespoke client requirements

We have provided surveying solutions to major civil engineering projects including: the Millennium Dome, at the time Britain's largest structure, the Hungerford Millennium Bridge and the Thameslink 2000 bored tunnels leading to the new St. Pancras station. Such projects demand high-order survey control networks that are a prerequisite to the accurate

These are typically required by architects and interior designers who require detailed floor plans, sections and elevations of an existing building or structure for possible refurbishment, renovation or extension purposes. The level of detail is entirely up to you, from the basic floor plans with door and window openings through to plumbing and electrical

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