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Able Surveyors are an independent firm of experienced Chartered Surveyors covering London and the Home Counties. From our offices in London & Essex, we offer a wide range of surveying services for residential and commercial property including industrial, retail and educational premises. Able Surveyors have over 25 years' experience in providing property management services and building surveys to a broad variety of clients across Billericay, Brentwood and London.

We are in the business of making sure our customers get the most from their property purchase, property assets and land management. The RICS Home Buyer Report provides information and advice in addition to any serious problems or issues on the condition of your property. The RICS Condition Report provides an overview into the condition of the property, highlighting issues that should be identified.

Contact now to book a survey or seek advice - or call 0207 164 6628. In addition to surveys and valuations, we carry out a number of other property related services including Schedules of Condition at the beginning of a Lease Term or major building works, and Snagging Reports for residential and commercial new builds.

read more › Able Surveyors deliver a comprehensive surveying service across London and the home counties, helping their client base make informed decisions about purchasing and managing their land and property assets. With over twenty-five years of experience in the building surveys and property management for the residential, industrial, commercial, retail and education sectors. Able Surveyors are a member of the Chartered Institute of Building. The team have vast experience within the residential property market.

read more › At Able Surveyors, we conduct three main surveys, following the guidelines from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). These include Condition Surveys, HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys. Each survey offers a different level of assessment, to describe a building's condition and whether there are any structural or legal concerns a prospective buyer should be aware of before taking ownership. If your home is suffering from a particular problem or feature, different surveys are available to address these issues specifically.

read more › Below you can find a useful guide which details some of the essential features of the RICS Surveys, helping you to identify which report you require. Should you have any questions, require assistance choosing the right report for you or want to get a quote for one of our services, our friendly team will be delighted to help. You can get a free quote from our experienced surveyors today. Buildings without significant alterations, which you do not intend to significantly modify. Conventional homes built in the last 100 years, Buildings without significant alteration, which you do not intend to significantly alter.

read more › Previously known as a "full structural survey", a Building Survey is the most comprehensive property inspection and report currently available from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). When carrying out a Building Survey, our expert Chartered Surveyors will undertake a thorough internal and external investigation of all accessible areas of the building, and provide a detailed review of its construction and condition with the use of a traffic light system for condition severity. We can also tailor Building Surveys to address any specific concerns or requirements you may have.

read more › A RICS Condition Report (Also known as a RICS LEVEL 1 condition report or The RICS Condition Report LEVEL 1) gives buyers an overview of a property's condition on the date it is inspected. The survey will be conducted by a RICS-qualified Chartered Surveyor, and will provide information about the construction of the building, highlight serious (or potentially serious) defects which should be urgently addressed, and suggest areas that would benefit from further inspection. At Able Surveyors, we have over 25 years' surveying experience and have carried out RICS Condition Reports all across London and the Home Counties.

read more › The HomeBuyer Report (Also known as a LEVEL 2 RICS survey) is a mid-range survey, designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Suitable for the majority of UK properties, its standardised structure and clear, jargon-free language makes it easy for buyers to understand the structural defects that are present. The survey includes a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior features of a property and includes associated utilities and some aspects of the grounds. The methods used to investigate the property are non-invasive and are tailored towards conventionally-built properties.

read more › Able Surveyors are an independent firm of RICS Chartered Surveyors operating in and around London, offering a wide portfolio of property services to residential and commercial clients. We provide property valuations for a variety of requirements including matrimonial matters, tax planning, probate and insurance purposes. Most valuation surveys will fall under the RICS Valuation Standards Manual (also known as The Red Book) and its governing body's strict criteria. With over 25 years' experience of providing building valuations, surveys and more, we are in the business of ensuring that our clients get the most from their property purchase, property assets and management.

read more › At Able Surveyors, we provide general RICS property surveys as well as Specific Defect Surveys for issues that need further specialist investigation. Damp can be a major problem for many buildings, both old and new, and accurately identifying the extent and cause of damp is the first step towards managing and rectifying this potentially serious building defect. If your Building Survey has flagged up damp, or your property has a known problem in this area, a Damp Report is a vital tool to help you address the problem.

read more › If you're looking to arrange a Schedule of Dilapidation for your property, you're in the right place. Defined as a report which documents the defects and general condition of a building, a Schedule of Dilapidation identifies whether there have been any breaches of the Lease while the building was occupied. Commercial leases typically include dilapidation clauses which outline whether the landlord or tenant is liable for a certain issue. These are largely included to clarify who is responsible for repairing and maintaining the building.

read more › Under the provisions of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act, 1993 (as amended), those wishing to extend the leasehold on their property should seek professional valuation advice from credited lease extension surveyors. As you may already be aware as the owner of a leasehold property, the shorter your lease gets, the less value it will hold. As you approach the final years of your lease, its value will dramatically decrease and continue to fall over time. Furthermore, having a current lease with a total 70 years or less will also significantly reduce your chance of lenders supporting your property.

read more › If you are concerned about a particular aspect of your property, commissioning a Specific Defect Report can help you to understand the issue and how to rectify it. They are typically used when a basic survey has highlighted a problem, but more detail is required to uncover its significance. The level of detail provided is similar to a Building Survey, but focused only on the specified areas. Contact our friendly team today to see how we can help.

read more › At Able Surveyors, we deliver Stock Condition Surveys (SCS) to assess an organisation's property portfolio, and to record its current condition in preparation for imminent and future repairs and maintenance programmes. The information gleaned is stored on a database to use as a guide for preventative maintenance to be completed. It may be commissioned for one property or several. Get in touch with us today to see how can help. Organisations that are responsible for managing property assets or large portfolios will typically be required, either by contractual agreement or by law, to maintain the property to a good standard.

read more › In addition to our portfolio of RICS surveys and valuation, Able Surveyors offer a number of specific property services including Schedules of Condition at the start of major building works or a new Lease Term, Snagging Reports for new builds, and building movement monitoring services. Newly detected cracks in walls and structural movement in a property are no laughing matter. We can put your mind at rest during building works by carrying out detailed monitoring services and producing clear and easy-to-understand reports to monitor movements of foundations over time.

read more › Get in touch with Able Surveyors for a wide range of property surveying and management services aimed at residential and commercial buildings. Over the last 25 years, we have built up a wealth of expertise to assist our varied clientele. We are an independent firm of established, RICS accredited Chartered Surveyors serving London and Essex. We aim to make sure that our clients get the most from their property purchases. For more information about our services, or to discuss your specific property query and obtain a no obligation quote, please call 0207 164 6628, email or send us a short message here.

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