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Mg3 strive to exceed our clients' expectations by delivering a quality driven, customer focused and cost effective approach to asbestos. Our Asbestos Removal Division is licensed by the Health & Safety Executive to safely remove and dispose of all types of asbestos in all building environments. If you are unsure that you require an asbestos survey for your building, call us for expert advice.

Mg3 can assist in safeguarding the health and safety of your team and family and to remain legally compliant. Alternatively, if you suspect any specific material of containing asbestos in your building, we can provide a quick and efficient sampling programme which includes sampling and analysis of the material. Mg3 is committed to listening to and understanding our clients' needs.

We have built strong client relationships based on trust and providing unrivalled industry knowledge. Mg3 exceeds expectations in quality, value and service delivery standards, which our clients have come to trust and rely on.

read more › Our strength lies within our Team of Asbestos Consultants who have a vast breadth of knowledge and experience within the asbestos arena; we are committed to working to the highest standards and ethics, delivering best practice and a quality driven service which our clients rely on. We deliver an integrated solutions approach and offer a comprehensive range of services to fully take care of your asbestos needs. Mg3 offers a full range of asbestos services, which you as the client can pick and choose to suit your requirements:.

read more › Mg3 produce full compliance packages to suit all needs across all sectors. Our Technical Team will work closely with you to develop a suitable remediation strategy for your building or project. Asbestos is the greatest single cause of work related deaths in the UK. It is likely that up to 1.5 million commercial, industrial and public buildings in the UK contain asbestos materials.

read more › You can be assured that Mg3 have the expertise, systems, experience, and qualifications to carry out asbestos surveys with integrity, independence and impartiality. The legislation regarding asbestos is clear. Every commercial building in the UK built pre 2000 is subject to measures being taken to manage asbestos. An asbestos survey report is your first step to compliance.

read more › An Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is formulated by Mg3 working closely with our clients. The AMP encompasses the information from the asbestos survey, detailing the measures and procedures which are to be implemented to manage the asbestos risk. The system can hold the operational AMP, asbestos surveys, including re-inspection surveys, asbestos removal project with the associated documentation including risk/method statements, waste consignment notes, air-monitoring certification and the sub-contractors training records.

read more › Building occupiers and maintenance staff are at considerable risk from accidental exposure to asbestos. Asbestos and Health & Safety regulations require owners, occupiers and managers of commercial buildings to manage asbestos. Our professional Technical Team complement our contracting operations by designing a sustainable and cost effective solution to ensure our clients legislative asbestos compliance. We have extensive expertise in advising local authorities, educational institutions, health authorities, private and public investors, retail and domestic clients to fulfil their requirements to comply with the current legislation.

read more › Safety and compliance is our priority. A trained and knowledgeable workforce creates a safer working environment for everyone and delivers more efficient working practices which can lead to a reduction in business costs associated with risk. Our training is an important part of improving skills and awareness, ensuring safe working practices and compliance with statutory industry requirements.

read more › Both myself and our project managers would like to thank Mg3 for the professionalism and expediency by which you completed the recent projects. The operatives were polite, motivated and proficient and the enthusiasm they displayed in meeting the project deadlines, is a testament to the management at Mg3. As, Mg3 managed the entire project, including the consultancy aspects, it allowed us to remain focused on our day to business needs and not having to deal with the usual trials and tribulations that are associated with this type of work.

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